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Located in Carle Place NY (Long Island), The Martial ARFS™ is based on the fact that all dogs need obedience training AND physical activity to be happy and healthy.
As well we offer socialization and basic manners classes for Puppies & a class for Senior, Arthritic, Hip Dysplastic, Obese or Blind Dogs. Our goal is help you improve your dog's health and behavior through obedience classes & physical activities you can do with them to simply have fun.

The Martial ARFS offers fitness and conditioning classes for any type of dog from agility dog to sofa surfer, even senior, blind or arthritic dogs. So we combine Physical Activity with reward-based Dog Obedience Training and Canine Conditioning with Dog Agility & Disc Dog Classes.
By utilizing the very latest in positive reinforcement techniques, K9 Control relieves stress and frustration for both dog and owner.

Whether you need obedience training for your dog, detection training or protection training, you will find the results you need.

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