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Whenever they lay on eachother, right away click on the home button if you're not already there, click on the dog's picture that is on top of the other dog and then click on t…he light bulb in the top right hand corner and say on. Get your puppy standing up, rotate the screen so you're at the side view of your puppy (doesn't matter which side) Then pick up one of the dogs back paws with the stylus, then your pup will do a handstand for you.

You also want to leave the training line on because if you run after the dog and grab it to put the leash back on you will cause the dog to cower and try harder not to get caught.. You are correct too in that if the dog loves you and respects you, it will not run away, it may go to see things and have a bit of a run, but it will come home.

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