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Just an endless existence of long days in an enclosure.What was once my nice backyard -- coffee and newspaper on the patio, playing with my dogs, gardening -- has become off limits. He has left his dog at his father’s place after receiving the letter and plans to keep him inside until he decides what to do. If someone asked belligerent neighbors to quiet their dog, then the affected persons become the subjects of harassment and vandalism, be it from that unruly person’s kids and their friends, or threats of violence from the dog owner. It’s more usual than one may think, where the complainant was forced to move after cars damaged, glue in locks and letterbox, threatened by the drunken yobbo neighbor and his mates. Never send threatening letters, even if the criminal neighbor is the worst of the violators. One other thought I had was, the dog owner may have fabricated the letter to advance his victim status.

My guess is that most people sending such letters do it because they cannot, or will not, actually follow up, and do this in hopes that it will scare the doggist enough to help. They may call the law, who will finally come out, maybe even investigate, because as we ALL know, *there is no money for victims of dogs, just for dogs that are victims*.
This vigilante knows that talking to a robobarker (or any nuisance dog) owner is likely to get them harassed, possibly killed. This man (the ODOr) should be very GRATEFUL that the letter writer sent that note, rather than simply killing the dog without warning. Women are also more affected by barking as they have more sensitive hearing (and usually spends more time at home than guys).
Most of these nuisance animals are ignored by the owners too, so they often miss the early signs of poisoning, they notice only when dog is at deaths door.

There will be talk of cruelty charges, and a thousand suns of hot air blown around by doggists, but most of the neighborhood will be strangely silent, other than a pat comment or two. If nothing else, this will out them as the person that is upset, so that every time a cop goes to the doggiest home, or a note of complaint shows up, or they hear neighborhood gossip about their mutt, they will blame the one person they feel is against them.
A lot of vigilance will be relocated to protect the dog, while the neighbors keep being tortured by barking noise.

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