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If the shivering is truly temperature related (which it usually isn’t), chances are you’ll be a little too cold as well, or you’ve just brought your furry canine in from the very cold outdoors.  If neither is the case, his or her shivering is most likely not from being too cold.
Jeff has more than 30 years of experience in the veterinary industry and is a licensed veterinarian as well as a founding member of IDEXX’s Pet Health Network team. The most likely cause is a scary dream, though the trembling could be caused by your dog simply being cold. If your dog is elderly, arthritic or has recently been injured, and the trembling is a recent phenomenon, pain should be a consideration.

In most instances, the trembling associated with illness would occur when the dog is sleeping or awake. This is especially a possibility if your dog is a young puppy, away from mom and litter mates for the first time. You can discuss the possibility with your veterinarian and see if a pain medication might be suitable for making your pet more comfortable. She graduated from Campbellsville University, receiving a Bachelor of Arts in English, journalism and political science.

Both humans and dogs have a stage of sleep known as rapid-eye-movement sleep, or REM sleep. Another option would be to offer your dog a place snuggled up close to you in your own bed.

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