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Over the last couple of years Martingale Collars have become a very popular training aid for dog owners who want to avoid the basic choke chain collar. Since Martingale Dog Collars have hit the market many well known Pet Supply brands have been inventing their own styles. The best style of Martingale Collar on the market today are the ones that do not have include a chain as part of the collar. GoGo Pet Products (a company well known for inventing high end dog supplies) recently released their own version of the Martingale Dog Collar.

I am certain we will see more major Pet Supply Companies in the future following suit and releasing their own Martingale Collars, styled after GoGo's. The 2 Way Adjustable Martingale Collar is made of heavyweight nylon webbing, has metal hardware and two slide adjustments.
I bought the collar about 2-years ago, but I have only used it about a 8-10 times on the few foster dogs that it fit - and they didn't wear it constantly. I have seen other martingale style collars that have two points of contact (and stitching) on each side of the D-ring.

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