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Home cooked dog food: Deciding to cook your own dog meals and use your own recipes is an important decision. Because home cooked dog food is not a balanced diet nutritionally, unless you know what you are doing. You have to freshly prepare food everyday unless you make everything in batches and freeze them.
These are just a few of the things you should know when deciding to feed and cook your own dog food and there are others. Veterinary surgeons will often tell you that there is more trouble with dogs whose owners cook their own food simply because the dogs are lacking nutritionally and are more susceptible to disease. Manufactured dog food is nutritionally balanced, as far as protein fats and carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, however their ingredients can vary continually because of the changing cost of raw materials. Many vets will try and persuade you to use the manufactured food in preference to home cooked simply because, they believe, there are less health problems and they often sell it themselves, which is a valid reason.
Like all foods, whether cooking and preparing for humans or animals, you have to be aware of the nutritional requirements of the end user or consumer. However despite the amount of effort it takes to cook your own dog food, I am a great advocate of home cooked dog food and I have fed this for many years without any problem. Over the past few months, I have offered diet critiques that tweaked good home-prepared diets in order to address health concerns – or simply to optimize the diet. Home-prepared diets that include a wide variety of foods fed at different meals rely on balance over time, not at every meal. Keep in mind that puppies are more susceptible to problems caused by nutritional deficiencies or excesses than adult dogs are. GUIDELINESFollowing are guidelines for feeding a raw or cooked homemade diet to healthy dogs.
Unless your dog gets regular, intense exercise, use lean meats (no more than 10 percent fat), remove skin from poultry, and cut off separable fat. Fruits and Vegetables: While not a significant part of the evolutionary diet of the dog and wolf, fruits and vegetables provide fiber that supports digestive health, as well as antioxidants and other beneficial nutrients that contribute to health and longevity. Starchy Vegetables: Veggies such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, and winter squashes (including pumpkin), as well as legumes (beans), provide carbohydrate calories that can be helpful in reducing food costs and keeping weight on skinny and very active dogs.
Oils: Most homemade diets require added oils for fat, calories, and to supply particular nutrients. So it is really, really easy to feed your dog, just follow these very simple guidelines and you can't go wrong. I have been making their food for a month, add a supplement that I bought and some ground flax with blueberry. I have a new puppy and would like to feed him a natural diet rather than kibbles and canned food that smells like old cigarette buts. Excellent article and provides a world of information for those of us just starting to think about home cooked food for our pets.
I happened to mention to the vet one day that my dog wouldn't eat her meals straight away but would take a few bites, leave it for a while and then take a few more bites during the day until she finished it at the end of the day. Professionally trained cooks or ones trained by other chefs have to know a great deal including the nutritional value of the food they are preparing. We live far longer than our dogs, so as a consequence a dog ages more rapidly than we humans.

Making sure that home cooked food is safe for your pet and knowing all the pitfalls, as well as how to go about it, is easy if you do not rush the process. Similar to the way humans eat, as long as your dog gets everything he needs spread out over each week or two, his diet will be complete and balanced.
Leftovers from your table can be included as long as they’re foods you would eat yourself, not fatty scraps.
It’s better to feed dark meat poultry than breast, however, unless your dog requires a very low-fat diet. Dogs weighing about 20 pounds can have a whole egg every day, but give less to smaller dogs.
Others may be needed if you are not able to feed a variety of foods, or if you leave out one or more of the food groups above. I spoke to a gentlemen in Florida for over a year and now we ate ready to start our own holistic dog food business. So I'm thinking of making boiled chicken breast as his new diet but upon reading all these, I realized you need alot more than just chicken! We would like to start making their food but I'm concerned about the varied nutritional needs for my girls.
This author doesn't like that exactly and I plan to do some research on what she says about linoleum acid but my dogs seem fine. I am trying to come up with a good recipe for a wholesome diet for my 40 pound mixed breed dog. I prepare food for my dogs these days, because many years ago, I lost two dogs to intestinal cancer. Most home cooked food may be wonderful to taste and look great, but it is not balanced nutritionally.
Your pooch ages five to six times faster than you do so any problems with a nutritional deficiency shows up quicker in your dog than in you. Our editors have everything you need to know about must-have ingredients and those to avoid, plus the basics on how to read a dog-food label. Here are specific guidelines to help ensure that the diet you feed meets your dog’s requirements.
Raw vegetables must be pureed in a food processor, blender, or juicer in order to be digested properly by dogs, though whole raw veggies are not harmful and can be used as treats. Many dogs do fine with grains, however, and they can be used to reduce the overall cost of feeding a homemade diet. Note that most supplements made for dogs provide a reasonable amount of vitamins but are low in minerals, and so won’t make up for deficiencies in the diet. I add few drops of salmon oil into my dog's daily diet to prevent them from skin allergies and for overall good health. I try to give her variety in her meals to try out the perfect meal that she will eat straight away, but it doesn't matter what I feed her - different brands of commercial dogfood, homemade dogfood with tuna, beef or chicken, organic loaf, dogfood out of a health shop - she never eats a meal straight away.
I also gave her raw bones a few times a week and a bowl of grain-free dog biscuits to snack on during the day.
Then one day, someone threw bait onto my property and tried to kill my dogs in the most horrible way, with poisoned meat. I noticed someone asking about dog food recipes; and I make a dry food for my Border Collie, 2 Chihuahuas, and 1 Papillon.

Just as with the diet you feed yourself and your family, feeding a wide variety of healthy foods in appropriate proportions should meet the needs of most healthy dogs.
I have had great results and their Bark Scotti dog treats are a complete protein as well as grain, meat, dairy and gluten free.
I feed them the least expensive food I can find as a filler and add Bee Pollen Olive Oil a little Diatomacious Earth and mix it with meat stock or occasionally sardines and garlic from my kitchen. There is nothing more horrible than finding your dog so sick that even today I can't put words to paper. I had two dogs that were poisoned but with a wonderful vet my two survived, one was diabetic and the other had pancreatitis. My dogs love them; they actually taste great and all of Pet Bistro's products are certified organic. For one thing, only dry food is not healthy for a meat eating animal and the vet can always tell by the dog's breath. From the ten dogs I have had in my lifetime, I recommend a balanced diet of dry but also fresh. I had them on a diet of meat and vegetables of green beans, carrots, sweet potatoe, snow peas and lettuce all blended into a food processor and made into patties. My dogs creatin levels had dropped and we have seen no more crystals in the bladder or urine nor have we had anymore infections. Once a week I purchased fish and other seafood for the family, I made seafood patties for my dogs. Press into scone trays or similar, score the top with a knife into the size pieces you want (little pieces for small dogs, larger for your big guys) and bake in a slow oven until the biscuit is quite dry. I accept that she's not a 'food' dog and won't gulp down her meals straight away like other dogs.
I find the dogs just love them, they contain all the goodies they need and are also very handy for traveling. However, instead of feeding once or twice a day, they were fed three times a day alternating with specially formulated canine food purchased from the vet, not to mention the medication they were both on and insulin for the diabeties, this for the rest of their lives.
I was spending a small fortune to find a healthy food in the stores and they would lose interest so fast.
By adding this to my dogs' bowls, along with their regular food, I am stretching the food, I reduce my food waste, increase the nutrition of their food, and give them a yummy treat that isn't being given off of our plates. So I can supplement their food about twice or three times a week, depending on what meat sales are on. The dog food we buy doesn't have meat as a first ingredient which is not good, so I supplement it myself.
Pre-heat oven at 350 F, bake for 15-20 mins in your preferred shape (both my dogs love them in a heart shape). She hates this food, plus we have 4 more mini Schnauzers that we would like to feed the same thing.

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