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You just KNOW Jane Austen would’ve rocked burgundy lipstick and a smoky eye look, if she were around today, and Franz Kafka would go ape for a leather jacket with punk studded shoulders. It may be just the start of the school year, but your kids’ teacher could probably already use some pampering. A bubble bath a day keeps the stress away, so gift this soothing bath set to your favorite teacher. Teachers spend, on average, about $500 of their own money, every year, on supplies for their classrooms. Give your kid’s back a respite from lugging around 20 pounds of text books with a backpack that has super-secret hidden wheels. With all electric dog fence units, your dog will wear a special collar that communicates with your property’s boundary perimeters (which are set according to an in-ground wire or a wireless signal). When your dog first begins to approach the boundary line, the collar will emit a warning sound. Wireless dog fences use computer GPS or radio signals to determine yard perimeter and to communicate with corresponding dog collars and ensure the dog is not traveling outside of the pre-determined boundaries. Electric dog fences emit a static shock correction, similar to what you might experience if you rubbed your socks on a rug and touched a metal handle. Many vets and pet professionals recommend wireless and in-ground dog fences as a safe, smart, and convenient way to let your dog roam around your property without worry. Nearly all bad experiences owners have with invisible fences come as a result of not properly training their dog.
Setting up your electric dog fence and tossing your dog outside, hoping that they’ll figure it out how it all works, is a 100% guaranteed recipe for disaster. You’ll receive a collection of training information when you order your electric dog fence, but here’s a basic rundown of how it works. For more in-depth training help, YouTube has tons of helpful videos, such as this invisible fence training video from PetSafe. The DIY route can be a hassle, but plenty of owners have installed in-ground wired systems themselves. We will be detailing several different options from both PetSafe and Invisible Fence, the two biggest brand names in electric dog fences. Overview: The PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence System consists of a main transmitter unit that communicates with the corresponding dog collar. Another major benefit is the ability to adjust the diameter range, fine-tuning the perimeter to the perfect circular size for your yard. The PetSafe wireless dog fence only transmits boundaries in a circular area – you cannot do a rectangular or square shape. The Major Differences: More usable yard space (30% more) by moving the “warning zone” to outside your boundary line.
More space for your dog to play, rechargeable collars, and the ability to create additional safety no-go zones for dogs. Overview: With the Invisible Fence Pet Containment System, a physical wire is installed (by a professional) around the boundaries of your property, establishing your dog’s perimeter. Pros: This Invisible Fence Traditional Containment option is this brand’s most affordable option.
The Invisible Fence brand comes with professional installation, as well as professional pet training assistance to ensure that your pet is trained properly with the invisible dog fence unit. One cool advantage of going with Invisible Fence’s GPS system is that the GPS computer collar can also be used to set up avoidance areas in your home.
If you want your dog to stay away from trashcans, pools, or certain areas, you can program those areas as avoidance zones.
You can also work with Invisible Fence to install collar-activated doggie doors, which is another cool bonus feature.
We also recommend grabbing a surge protector to ensure that your transmitter unit doesn’t get destroyed in case of a power outage. Dogs have different personalities, and while I certainly can’t guarantee all dogs will catch onto the electric fence boundary system, in my own experience, dogs quickly learn how the static shock dog fence works.
My own dog, with proper training, learned where his boundaries were and rarely tested them after a month. Thanks for the long, informative article, I’ll definitely come back later to read back on the electric dog fence. It can be a really fun way for kids to show where their families came from, where they went on summer vacation, or even as a teaching tool when learning world geography.

These peel-n-stick slate panels make it easy for teachers to write up a class schedule, homework reminders, and more for each day of the school week. This innovative charity lets teachers and schools register their needs (technology, general supplies, etc.) and you can search for your kid’s teacher – or donate to a random classroom in need. This waxed canvas and leather knapsack is available in six colors, and for every one purchased, TOMS helps provide a safe birth for a mother and baby in need.
Tons of pockets make it easy to stay organized, six whimsical prints stand out from the crowd, and an included stuffed gorilla keychain – well, that last one’s just plain cute. You’ll be able to give yourself an adult time-out in the Shade Shack, which is UPF 30+ protective. Dogs cannot dig under or tear through wireless or under-ground fences, as they can with traditional physical fences.
Implementing an electric dog fence allows owners to maintain their picturesque scenery, without having their view blocked by a physical fence.
If your dog continues to approach the boundary and does not turn back within several seconds, the collar emits a static shock correction.
The main transmitter unit connects with the physical wire perimeter, which then communicates boundary information with the dog’s collar. In some cases, dogs become terrified to go outside or sit immobilized in their yard, too frightened to move.
Show Dog Boundaries with Tone Only. Switch the collar to a tone-only setting and hold it in your hand. When going on outside walks, always remove the invisible dog fence collar and replace it with a walking collar + leash.
You don’t want to go digging around your yard and accidentally hit a water line or anything else potentially disastrous. Just turn on the main transmitter unit, adjust your circular diameter range, and you’re set. Choose from five different levels of correction (bigger dogs may need stronger static corrections). If your dog does end up leaving the boundary zone, the static correction will shut off after 30 seconds.
With multiple transmitters, you can actually connect several yards together, allowing dog neighbors to join together for even more safe play space for their pets!
However, if you have a small or oddly shaped yard, being forced to stick with a circular shape may significantly cut down the amount of yard space your dog can access.
If your dog breaks through the boundary zone, the static correction will shut off after 15 seconds.
This invisible dog fence unit comes with 500ft of wire, and is capable of being extended to cover up to 5 acres of land (with the purchase of additional wire). This unit is suitable for dogs weighing 8 lbs and over, and fits necks that are 6-28 inches. You may want to consider renting a fence trencher from a hardware store to make installing the underground fence easier. Also features wireless collars and unique no-go zones for indoor and outdoor objects you want to keep your pet away from.
While underground wire can be a hassle, they also allow you to create a perimeter customized to your yard size.
Since the warning zone lies past the boundary zone, rather than before it, your dog has more room to enjoy your yard. With the YardMax unit, you have the option to create smaller wireless boundaries (referred to as Pawz Away barriers) around objects you don’t want your dog getting into (like wells, trash cans, or sheds). This unit is suitable for dogs weighing 5 lbs and over, and fits necks that are 6-28 inches. Invisible Fence pet trainers will come and work with your pet to help them understand where they can and cannot go. The Invisible Fence brand is a trusted and well-established invisible dog fence company with 40 years experience. You set up your yard boundaries via GPS satellite, and your dog wears a special GPS computer collar to keep him out of the boundary area.
Instead of a physical underground wire, an Invisible Fence technician will come to your home and install the invisible dog fence GPS boundaries on your computer.
As with the other system, if your dog approaches a boundary, he will first receive a warning sound, then a static shock.

With the GPS 2.0 unit, you can completely customize your yard boundaries, without the hassle of wire. While some other invisible dog fence units cannot handle varied terrain or sloping yard, the GPS 2.0 fence works with all kinds of landscapes.
Your dog will then get warning sounds and static corrections as they would with perimeter boundaries. Many units allow you to use your in-ground or wireless dog fence with multiple pets – you’ll just need to buy more collars.
If you decide to go with an in-ground wired dog fence, you’ll want to pay particular attention to the gauge of wire you’ll be installing. Since invisible dog fences are powered by the electric transmitter unit, power failures will shut down your wireless fence.
An in-ground or wireless dog fence will keep your dog out, but won’t stop other dogs or animals from coming into the area. While these fences are mostly designed with dogs in mind, many units can work with cats as well. Most experts recommend not using an invisible dog fence until your dog is at least 6 months old.
Obviously this isn’t what any owner wants for their pet – the whole point of investing in an electric dog fence is to enable your dog to roam and frolic about the yard in safety, not terrify them to the point of paralyzation.
After installing the dog fence system, you’ll set up flags around the perimeter of your boundary area 10 ft apart (you may need to buy extra flags for larger yards). Repeat this process with a few flags on the first training day until your dog resists approach the flag. In following days, switch to the static shock correction (start with a low setting and adjust if necessary if your dog ignores it). After several days of training, test your dog’s resolve by throwing a ball or toy outside of the boundary line. When your dog (wearing the collar unit) nears the perimeter, they will hear an audio warning, followed by a static correction. Just unplug the central unit, grab the collars, and your off (although you’ll have to re-train your dog to help them understand new boundaries).
I found that some electronic devices in my home would set off the collar if my dog got too close to them, so I definitely recommend getting into the habit of removing the collar when your dog is in the home. With other units, your dog can potentially break through the boundary zone (most likely due to the shock correction being too low, or simply due to stubborn dogs). This can be helpful if you have a dog who likes to get into the trash or to prevent potential pool disasters. This means that there is the possibility of your dog being attacked and being unable to escape the boundaries of your yard. You want to wait until your dog is mature enough to be trained and can understand how to navigate the electric fence. When the collar emits the warning sound, bring your dog several paces back towards the safety area.
Continue approaching the flags (and retreating after the correction) until your dog resists approach the boundary flags. You can position the transmitter to give your dog run of the front and back yard, or just one area.
With this style unit, your dog cannot break through the boundary and instead will continue to be corrected until he returns to the yard, or until after 15 seconds. If the dog continues to approach the boundary after the warning, a static correction is issued. For this reason, you should always supervise your dog when outside, even with the invisible dog fence installed. Just remember, you’ll need to re-train your dog and teach them where the new boundaries are.

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