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The best way to walk two dogs on a leash at the same time is to work with each dog individually in the beginning. If you have any questions on walking your dog by himself or more than one dog at a time, please call me at 336-945-3232. Only dogs who are calm and relaxed should be walked together, as dogs can pick up behavior problems from other dogs. If both dogs are friendly and relaxed but lack leash manners, leash training can make a dramatic difference. Pulling on the leash is natural for dogs because they have an opposition reflex, which causes them to pull back when they feel pressure on the leash. August 19, 2015 I’ve not seen more than two dogs in person, however, there are pictures of three and four dogs on the website. You’ve probably heard the talk about how humans with dogs are healthier because they exercise more. First, it’s important to know that dogs pull on leash because it gets them where they want to go, faster.
At first, I practice this focused heeling through the dog’s entire walk because, at first, many dogs need to be looking at you in order to remain at your side. Most dogs will want to forge or lunge ahead at some point in their walk even if you’re rewarding with treats for heeling politely. Once you’ve stopped, you must wait for Fido to come back and look at you such that the leash is hanging in a loose U. Some dogs get up quickly as soon as you start walking and you can’t catch up to them to get beside them so that they are in heel position. In our class, we use all of the attention exercises—various sit exercises, come when called, and a variety of focused walking games, and apply them to everyday situations.
If you have one barking and lunging dog, you can soon have two dogs with this behavior after walking them together, as they pick up behavior from other dogs. A double doggy leash that swivels and has one handle for both dogs lessens the chance of tangling, while a front clip harness can minimize pulling and make walks easier.

Teaching your dogs to walk on a loose leash and heel on command make walks more comfortable and controlled, whether you're walking your dogs individually or together.
I would give it a try, it’s a really cool leash and makes walking the dogs a lot of fun. On the other hand, mom is trying to walk two dogs too and she knows how hard it can be so if it works, go for it!
A number of scientific studies support this statement; however, what those articles fail to mention is that if your dog drags you, lunges, or tangles you in the leash, those walks may not be that fun. As a result, if we want them to walk on loose leash, we need to stop dead in our tracks if they start to pull and only walk forward when they are on a loose leash. You probably never thought you needed a lesson in walking but it turns out that most people do.
But once Fido can walk at attention for half to an entire block, she will most likely stick by your side even when she’s not looking at you, at least in low distraction walks. For more pointers, stay tuned for the blogs on other walking patterns to help teach your dog to stay at your side.
The keys to dog training are that you want to be a leader for your dog the way you would lead like a partner in a dance.
My dog had not been leash trained until he came to me at 17 months and I still can't get him to walk on loose leash. Great photos, one of the most important aspects I teach clients is in your statement “ If you don’t stop this behavior abruptly or you have the leash in your hand and let your dog pull your arm forward then he instead learns that he can pull a little or pull sometimes” people forget that their arms are long and when they extend them, it teaches your dog to pull. To combat this behavior, start your dogs' training with loose leash walking; work with each dog individually before bringing them together. N loose leash walking, it took me two weeks of agonizingly slow walks where we only walked when he didn’t pull. If we want dogs to follow our lead and stick with us, we have to walk in a manner that makes it clear we know where we’re going.
At that point, your dog can be allowed to walk at your side without needing to look at you; however, still only reward him when he heels at attention.

When Fido gets even one paw ahead of your foot, just stop within a split second so that, by the time he gets to the end of the leash, you’re stationary. In addition the length of the “leash” or distance in which a dog may travel from you changes constantly, confusing the dogs spacial awareness.
But taking multiple dogs for a walk can save time and can be a bonding experience for you and your canines. Each time your dog pulls on the leash, stop walking; as soon as there is slack in the leash, start moving forward again. Sometimes you should wait for her to sit and look at you for 2 seconds after her last treat before you walk on. Then use the distraction technique only when you need it, until sitting and waiting for you to move up to Fido’s heel position before walking becomes a habit for her.
If that goes well, I might even get brave enough to try two dogs (though that’s tough to do anyway, because one dog does not like being left behind!).
If you don’t stop this behavior abruptly or you have the leash in your hand and let your dog pull your arm forward then he instead learns that he can pull a little or pull sometimes.
5 in Perfect Puppy in 7 Days) and the version of leave-it where we toss treats to the end of the leash (ch 5), then Fido will remember that pulling never works. This sends him mixed messages and prevents him from learning that walking on loose leash is what works.
It’s also one reason I generally recommend a hands-free leash such as the Buddy System.

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