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Pit Bull Gear Collars are made with high quality leather, hardware and the knowledge of the strength of a Pit Bull. We offer a wide range of leather styles (Croc, Gator, Genuine, Patent, Suede, Latigo), widths, designs and spike colors you can choose from.
I wanted to buy a special collar for my Boxer that he could wear with pride and long term and this is it. If you can not find what you are looking for, or have an idea for a collar you would like, chances are we can do it!

Due to overwhelming demand for Pit Bull Gear Leather products, please allow 3 weeks for your leather item(s) to be made. I have just ordered my second of these beautiful collars for another dog we've adopted from a rescue organization.
Just got it a few weeks ago and seriously impressed with the quality and how good it looks. We have a horse barn, and the dogs are constantly out in the woods and working the horses, so they were always losing their tags.

Needed a secure collar as she and our German Shepherd pull on each others collars and were tearing through them.
We have had many compliments on the collar, and our dog seems to enjoy it more than her previous collar.

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