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Convenient zippered pouch with poop bag port: The belt leash pouch features a key clip and internal mesh pocket with exit port that holds and dispenses waste baggies.
Tam dog running leash is perfect for running or exercising with your with your dog hands-free! Tam Hands Free Leash system's daisy chain loops make it simple to detach the waist belt to use as a handheld leash or tether. Tam jogging leash features a shock-absorbent, pull-reducing elastic section that stretches up to 15" for a smoother walk or run.
Your Run, Not the Dog’s — As a serious runner, I think of my training runs as my own time to get in shape and practice my sport.

Short Leash — Your most natural running stride will be accomplished with the dog heeling close and running at your side. No Pull — Dogs love to pull, but on a run this is super annoying (and detrimental to the human getting maximum exercise).
Tam is a great aid to teaching your dog not to pull on the leash and can be used to keep your dog close to you in the house to help with housetraining.
You need to be able to pump your arms and run naturally, so holding a leash in hand is a no-no. My dog runs about two feet to my left, and he’s on a short leash that does not allow him to wander.

In other words, I am not “taking the dog on a walk.” I am going for a run (and my dog is coming with).
Since 2003 — when he was a pup and I was a budding marathoner — the dog and I have run side by side collectively for thousands of miles and on harsh training days up to two hours straight.
From the experience, I offer these “10 Rules of Running with Your Dog.” Follow my tips to get the most out of training with a pooch leashed at your side.

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