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A: Although puppies epitomize cuteness, they can also symbolize destruction, particularly when they are teething.
In the same way that teething is painful for babies, it's also uncomfortable for puppies, who respond by doing anything they can to alleviate the discomfort with chewing.
Puppy toys are designed to be a little softer than adult dog toys, but they are tough enough to withstand the needle-like teeth of puppies. My favorites are puppy Kong toys (they can be stuffed and frozen), Orbee-Tuff toys for puppies, Premier's puppy toys (Biscuit block, Puppy Waggle, Squirrel Dude), the freezable Pet Stages Puppy Cool Teether, Nylabone puppy toys designed for teething and the Multipet Chilly bone dog toy, which can be filled with water and frozen to relieve aching teeth and gums.

The good news is that there are plenty of ways to curb inappropriate chewing while still providing your puppy with some relief. If you catch your puppy chewing on the furniture, avoid harsh verbal or physical punishment, which can cause a puppy to hide from you and make the habit even harder to break. Crates, baby or dog fencing and baby gates are all essential tools to protect your house from destruction. Ideally, you should keep an eye on your puppy when he's chewing toys or food items, especially if large pieces can be broken off or swallowed and cause choking.

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