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A police dog must be able to work in both small and large towns, and will have constant contact with civilians.
MasterDog Training teaches dogs specifically for certain programs, such as SWAT and other organizations. Online Dog Trainer Course includes 6 sections and 6 tests. After completion all tests you will receive a certificate from our International Dog Training Center!
The Dog Trainer Online Course materials are supplemented by a video which vividly demonstrates a number of issues involving the theory and practical methods of training. Course Price is $5.500 that includes 70 hours of private training in our facility in Los Angeles, CA plus 60 days access to our theoretical online course. Lowes of Avon donated construction material that was used in the building of the K-9 obstacle course located at the Indianapolis State Police Post at 21st Street and Post Road.

ISP currently has thirty seven K-9’s serving throughout Indiana including three explosive detection dogs that are assigned to Indiana State Police Capitol Police Officers. Master Dog Training teaches highly professional dog training skills ranging from bomb detection to narcotic detection. The level of training is even more professional and the dogs are used in special operations. Physiological Foundation for Dog Behavior and Dog Training – describes the processes occurring in the dog which aid in dog training.
Dog Training Methods & Stimulies – describes training methods and techniques, equipment used during training, frequent systematic mistakes made by trainers. Dog Training Techniques – presents specific techniques to teach a dog to respond to commands as part of a general training course or a protection and guard dog training program.

Dog Training Methodology – defines the methods and techniques for teaching trainers to work with dogs.
The fence will allow the dogs to be off leash while training and maintain a safe environment free of vehicular or pedestrian traffic. For this, a K-9 handler goes through obedience training, and has to pass a test that includes commanding the dog off-leash.
Just like the other training mentioned earlier, obedience requires multiple specific points that must be learned through training.

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