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March 4, 2015 By Ben Butler 45 Comments Sharing Is Caring00210300If you want a furry friend, but you think your allergies will keep you from having one, fear not. Some people think that adopting a dog means going to a pound and taking whatever they can find.
I don’t have a dog but my son wants one so bad but we would have to really research everything that goes into keeping one. I don’t have hypoallergenic dogs, but one of my dogs is a rescue and she is pretty much the best dog in the world. I am planning on getting a non shedding dog, but I am waiting till my boys are a little older.

After you find the breed you’re interested in, just Google the breed + rescues, and you’ll be surprised at the results! Learning about dogs takes time because there are a lot of breeds and each one is unique in its own. I am allergic but have found that after living with a dog or cat for a while you get used to them and they become a non allergy issue for you. There are plenty of shelters and breed specific rescues out there, so you can almost always find a specific breed.
I could have gone into detail on the characteristics of all of these breeds, but you would have been reading for days!

Instead, I recommend you take this list as a starting point and use Google to find which breed is right for you.

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