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The Earth is not just one big ball that’s solid throughout, although it might look that way!
The next layer that comes is called the mantle and here’s all the info you need to understand this layer of the Earth.
The mantle is about 2,900km thick and amazingly it makes up about 85% of the Earth’s weight.
As we mentioned earlier, the oceanic crust is made of basalt, which is a really thick rock, and this can press into the mantle and then fill with water.
The inner core apparently spins at a different speed to the rest of the planet and this causes the Earth’s magnetic field. The mantle of the earth is solid rock, but amazingly it can be moulded, just like play dough.
We'll begin with a look at the structure of the earth because that is where all rocks come from. There are 3 main types of rocks depending upon how they were formed in the different layers of the Earth.

This type of rock is buried deep within the Earth where it is created from the heat and pressure found there. Melted rock is called magma when it is inside the earth, but called lava when it runs out onto the surface of the earth. Well they watch how waves travel through the Earth, called Seismic waves, which are caused from earthquakes or eruptions.
Well they move and crash into each other and this causes earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The continents were made from lighter blocks that float on the mantle like massive big icebergs.
The effect of this magnetic field spreads way beyond the Earth and goes off far into space. When one section of the crust slides or bumps against another layer, the earth under us shakes.
The top layer, which is what we stand on is the crust, next comes the mantle and finally the core.

The Earth was formed 4.5 billion years ago, and when this happened, all the heavy materials sunk to the middle and this became the inner core. It actually forms a barrier that helps protect the Earth from the Sun’s destructive solar winds. Scientists can’t exactly get in a rocket and head right to the middle of the Earth, or the core, so it’s difficult to know exactly what’s there. The earthquake shakes the ground in waves that can be measured by scientists known as seismologists. The Richter Scale, an instrument for identifying the strength of an earthquake, works by measuring the seismic waves.

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