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If people do not concern anymore with their environment, the source of clean water will be limited in the future. The land based activities like sewage from the factories makes the water polluted.  The case of the water pollution on the oceans, seas and beaches is 80 percent because of the activities of human being in the land.
Environmental facts are important to recognize for people are concerned more with environmental issues in the world. Plastic Bag Facts give the interesting information about the plastic bag used by the people every day. By reading Renewable Energy Facts, you will be informed with the type of resources which can be replenished naturally. Based on the water pollution facts that I will show you below, you may see that one of the most important sources in our life is water. Let’s discuss about the first aspect of the water pollution facts.  The causes of water pollution are many and varied.

Even though the most polluted water can be seen in most Asian countries, it does not mean that America can defeat such condition.
The biggest cause of water pollution in US River is mostly because of the waste from the pesticides, parking lot, lawn, fertilizer, and street. The source of water pollution is not coming from the water itself, but most of the waste comes from the activity of people who live in land. Water pollution can be seen not only in US but also in other countries in the world like China and India. Each year, US water is filled with 1.2 trillion gallons of industrial waste, storm water and untreated sewage.
If many people are not concerned with water pollution, they need to live with dirty water everywhere. Some of the causes can be in form of the waste thrown by factory, industry, or even household on lakes, rivers, beach, or even sea.

The water in America has to experience the danger of the raw sewage in the capacity of 1.2 trillion gallon. Such pollution not only happens in America and Asia, you may see that a nice country like Canada cannot handle it well. The polluted drinking water leads to 5 million deaths of people because on the water based diseases.
If you take a look at in the country is Asia, China has the biggest problem related to water pollution.

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