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A healthy adult horse should have a pulse of between 36 and 40 beats per minute while at rest.
Some people say that horses have 5 hearts because blood is pumped back up to the heart as the feet expand and contract with each step.
So that 1200 lb horse would eat about 18-21lbs of hay per day, usually divided into 2 feedings of 9-10.5lbs eachThe earliest evolutionary horse was Hyracotherium, also called eohippus or the "dawn horse" was only about a foot tall and had 3 toes in front and 4 toes on the rear legs.
Foals are normally born at night, after being born, it only takes a foal about 1-2 hours to stand up and walk.

A 450-kilogram horse will eat 7 to 11 kilograms of food per day and, under normal use, drink 38 litres to 45 litres of water. Horses' teeth grow throughout their lifetime, making it possible to judge their age by looking at their teeth.A horse's stomach holds between eight and seventeen quarts. A horse can see completely around its entire body except for small blind spots directly in front of its face, underneath its head, and directly behind itself. A horse's shedding in the spring is triggered by longer daylight hours, not the temperature outside. Research has shown that horses' favorite flavors are Fenugreek, banana, and cherry, in that order.The United States has (feral) wild horses, found mostly in the western states.

They must be walked until their respiration rate is normal.The hoof of the modern horse is his third toe. Whiskers around the muzzle are for feeling things.Check out The American Horse Council for more current issues and facts surrounding our equine companions today.

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