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Houston dog trainer Michael Baugh CPDT is the director of training and behavior at Rover Oaks Pet Resorts in Houston and Katy. Man's passion and pride in his dog led to the desire to show his dog and compare it to similar dog breeds. By combining these two breeds into one, you get the best of both worlds -- Teddy Bear Dogs are smart, loyal, loving and affectionate. Organisation was required - descriptions and breed standards were needed - First Dog Fact - the Kennel Clubs were born!

If the puppy bites too hard the other dog yelps and immediately ends the play session.
Here you will find a wealth of information about both parent breeds as well as plenty of information about buying, caring for, feeding and breeding your Teddy Bear Dog.
Written in a clear and easily understandable language, this guide includes everything you need to care for your new teddy bear puppy.
In reading this ebook you will find the answers to your most pressing questions about Teddy Bear Dogs, including those you hadn't thought to askTo view this DRM protected ebook on your desktop or laptop you will need to have Adobe Digital Editions installed.

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