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Although this section is based on a whelping of an English Mastiff, it also contains good general whelping information on large-breed dogs.
An all-around mild mannered, wonderful Mastiff, Sassy, however, is not the best mother toward her puppies.
The pages within include a wealth of information that everyone can appreciate and benefit from.

If you have no Calsorb or liquid calcium, then vanilla ice cream works great between puppies. Pup is still attached to the dam by the cord, but let’s worry about getting him going first. If your dog insists on going outside at this stage, as many new moms do not know the difference between having babies and pooping so they insist on going outside because it feels like they have to poop.

I have given her another internal; she is fully dilated with a pup at the beginning of the birth canal, about four inches up.

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