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Reports have been released from media and Public Health Units this year regarding higher than average tick populations. This year (2013) the Public Health Units are noticing an increased population of Dog Ticks; it is only the Blacklegged (deer) Ticks that can potentially carry Lyme disease. If you (or someone you know) have been bitten by a tick, once you have removed it carefully, you can bring it to your local Public Health Unit for identification.
In Ontario, blacklegged ticks are most commonly found in areas along the north shores of Lake Erie, Lake Ontario and the St. If you are entering tick habitat, an easy way to avoid ticks is to always wear protective clothing such as long pants, socks and closed-toe footwear. Although they are abundant, the American dog tick is not considered to be a serious human health threat in Iowa. Ticks are less likely to cross the barrier into the lawn because they are prone to drying out.

If it is determined that it's a Blacklegged tick, the Public Health Unit will send it to be tested for Lyme disease. A tick bite can happen anywhere, but it is particularly important to check for ticks if you have been walking or working in potential tick habitat or in areas of higher tick populations.
Like all ticks, the American dog tick goes through an egg, larva, nymph, and adult stage during its development. While several insecticides are labeled for outdoor tick control, they are usually not effective in eliminating large numbers of ticks in brushy, heavily wooded areas. It may or may not apply in your area.Printing, copying and distributing this information as it originally appeared is permitted. Seek the attention of a doctor to remove the tick or refer to the material below to find out how to properly remove a tick at home.
Ticks will wait for a host to rub against them and climb onto the host’s body, eventually attempting to attach and feed.

There are, however, some management techniques that can discourage a buildup of ticks in these areas.
Although dog ticks do not carry Lyme disease, they are the main carrier of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever in the midwest states. Since ticks must be in areas of high humidity in order to survive, they are most commonly found in grassy, brushy, wooded, and shaded areas.
Adults commonly infest both large and medium sized mammals such as dogs, cattle, deer, raccoons, and opossum. Therefore, reducing the humidity in these areas by keeping grass well-clipped, removing brush, and pruning trees to allow more sunlight to penetrate to the soil surface will discourage ticks from becoming established in these areas.

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