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Pony Breeds ArticlesAll About Ponies Information about ponies, horse backgrounds and history of miniature horses, pony breeds, equestrian disciplines, and pony care tips.
Enter your Freshwater Aquarium Enter parameters for your Freshwater Aquarium to get compatibility information while browsing.Fish FinderSearch our database for compatible pets! Pony Of The AmericasPhoto © Animal-World: Courtesy Ken ChildsPonies are a favorite for children, popular for showing, and are sports ponies too! AnimalsThe website for all horse and pony lovers - Home Page Welcome This site is about all things horsey, horse riding tips and more are featured. Horse's and ponies are wonderful animals for those who have not been around horses much and dont know much about them they are freindly gentle and they can be your best freinds.
The horse has been with man throughout history and has served a variety of practical purposes, most notably horses have been used as a means of transport, as a work horse in agriculture and in battle combat.
Today, the power, agility, gracefulness and speed of the horse means that horses are mostly used for personal pleasure and utilised in competitions.
Information about the domestication history of horses and the early use of the domestic horse. Definitions of the terms that are used to describe the gender of a horses at different ages.
Many of the Pony breeds evolved in environments where the landscape was rugged and harsh with inferior nutrition, resulting in a smaller horse.
See Hector Moonbeam, Toffee, Creme Brulee, Samson and Gordon, and Elgin Sunset galloping in the snow!Dr.

After falling off of me OTTB a few years ago I have lost most of my confidence when riding this horse. Their are many ways you can get up close to horse and ponies go to a riding school is one of them but then again riding school can be expensive but if you are lucky your freinds or neighboors will have some for you to mix with and ride.
When walking sit up straight and not to tense let the horse or pony move you back and forwards in the saddle. 4. Try not to get nervous when mounted and riding, the horse or pony will sense your nerves and get nervous to and take you for a bad sort of ride. 2. Rise in the sadell if you are asked to, this is called The Posting Trot, say one, two, one, two in your head and on the two. They generally require less diligence in their care and often tend to be more independent than the other types of horses.
Rise in the saddell, eventually you will find that you dont need to count anymore in your head and you will do it without counting once you have done heaps of it and are confident and a bit more experienced like me. As your pony or horse goes into canter at first you may find it a bit bumpy and you may start tipping fowards but hold onto the sadell blanket and lean back slightly this will help you to not tip forwards.
Their small sizes make them less intimidating and are more closely matched to a child's size and strength. The list of pony breeds below includes the popular ponies, as well as those that are lesser known.

They do well in many disciplines including driving, hunters on the flat and over fences, western driving classes, and pleasure riding.
Jumping can be done in trot (for people starting jumping) and Canter (for more experienced people doing jumping jumping higher jumps ext) 3. Each pony breed horse guide provides in-depth information about their origins and background. The can also show in dressage, equitation, and other events, with top ponies even being competitive against full sized horses. There is a description with pictures, pony care, feeding, training, and the activities they are best suited for as well as potential problems.
When you start jumping your will do cross bars wich help you jump straight in the middle of the jump when you are more experienced and have done heaps and heaps of cross bars you will do other jumps that are not cross bars. 5. It is nerve racking before you start cantering but when you start just relax, and follow the cantering tips that have been listed here. 6. From the standpoint of the balance of the horse, this is a very stable gait, and the horse need not make major balancing motions with its head and neck.

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