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This PDF chart shows you the key content and learning outcomes of Infosteps Set 1 as well as how the website and books link to the NLS and the QCA. For a one year period from 1 August 2014 to 31 July 2015, CPR collected data from the stewards reports from every state and territory in Australia, compiling a detailed report of the horses who have died in racing and the reasons why – something that is not made available to the public each year to the public by the industry itself. The Horse’s Birthday is traditionally a day of celebration in Australian Racing; however with so many welfare issues and racehorse deaths each year, CPR believes it should be used as a day of reflection and consideration about how racing in Australia can be made safer for its equine athletes who are not given a choice to compete. It is CPR’s position that the racing of underdeveloped horses in two year old racing (which often predisposes them to further injury if they do not break down at that age), the relentless beatings of over-tired horses with the whip and the placement of hurdles in front of horses in a group, at a fast pace in jumps racing are all welfare issues which contribute to a high number of deaths and injuries in racing.

The total death toll for the one year period was 115 horses, equaling one dead horse every 3.2 days. This horse belonged to my 10 year old daughter, and even though still a stallion, was ridden by her. If you find something that you like, please click on the MORE INFO link and you will be taken to its download page. I have heard this man has a large pit on other property (in Grayson Co) full of dead horses.

There are reports of other injured horses on that property and the deputy stated he saw one with a broken leg on the Collin property.

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