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It may seem like a dog obsessively focused on play would make a poor working dog, but for search-and-rescue work, this is actually an ideal trait.
A SAR dog must have the confidence to perform tasks that are not part of his instinctive repetoire.
A field-ready SAR dog can focus on the task at hand -- whatever his handler is commanding him to do -- no matter what.
AntennaeAntennae, or feelers, are jointed sense organs located on the heads of centipedes, millipedes, crustaceans, and certain insects.
A dog that will chase a tennis ball for hours would probably walk through 10 feet of snow, over a mountain and down a rocky embankment that makes his paws bleed to find it -- and get someone to throw it for him again. Dogs have a natural inclination to locate scents -- SAR training involves letting a dog know which scent you'd like her to locate and where this scent might be.
The dog maintains vigilance and dedication to the search through all types of weather conditions and navigates treacherous terrain without losing confidence.A SAR dog will walk across a rope bridge if need be, lowering his center of gravity to minimize the swaying. The Life Expectancy of Your DogWhen you decide to get a dog, you are doing so with the expectation that your new canine companion is going to be with you for many years to come. SAR training assures that a dog can complete these tasks in all conditions, regardless of weather or distractions. Let's say this particular dog works for games of tug-of-war with a stinky sock.For avalanche training, the first step is simply to get the dog to search under the snow.
The handler digs a hole in the snow, and a second person holds the dog while the handler makes a big show of running away and jumping into the hole. Sometimes, SAR associations adopt dogs from shelters for the specific purpose of training them for search and rescue, and they'll train at a special facility and then be paired with a handler. The average lifespan for a dog is about 12 years, but this fact by itself tells you very little. Potential SAR dogs should also be obedient and attentive, have a friendly temperament (they're going to be working closely with strangers and other dogs in a search situation) and possess a strong desire to please. General Grooming of DogsFood, shelter, exercise and regular visits to the veterinarian are all a part of the basic care package that accompanies dog ownership. This gets the dog interested in finding people.The next step is to increase the amount of time the assistant holds the dog.

However, there is one more important aspect of proper canine care that must not be forgotten or neglected, and that is grooming. But a SAR dog who can't think for itself is useless -- air-scent dogs work off-leash, so the handler won't always be nearby to give commands. The Cost of Owning a DogIf you ever owned a dog when you were a child, you can probably recall the joy and exhilaration you felt every day, playing with your best buddy. The ideal search dog can solve problems on his own but is always aware of his handler.The general approach to training a dog for search and rescue is no different from training a dog to complete any other task. Once you grew up and (assuming you) started a family, you probably wanted your kid(s) to experience the same things that you did. The first step is to figure out which reward the dog will work for, and always immediately reward the dog when he does the right thing. Then the assistant holds the dog for 10 seconds, then a minute, then five minutes, and so on. Questions to Ask a BreederIf you have decided on a breed of dog, then probably you have already done a decent amount of research about that particular breed’s characteristics, history, temperament, appearance and potential health problems. In the course of training, you associate that reward with each thing you want the dog to do -- in this case, locate human scent and alert you to it in a uniform way. The training starts out with very simple tasks and gets progressively more complex as the dog completes each level. In this way, the dog discovers that people can be under the snow and that human scent emanating from snow means that digging in that spot will reveal a person who might play with her. Finding a Dog TrainerHalf the battle of dog training is finding the right training class and the right trainer to assist you along the way.  Not all dog trainers or classes are created equal! Then, the handler and assistant change places, and the handler manages the dog while the assistant hides under the snow.
By this stage, the game is well established, and the dog knows what she needs to do to get her reward.Finally, distractions are added to the game.
In the case of avalanche finds, dogs usually dig at the area where they detect human scent. If a reward immediately follows a correct alert (meaning the dog is digging in the right place), the dog will continue to alert in that manner.

Perhaps you had a bad experience once before with a dog who you thought was cute or friendly, but then when you got him home he turned out to be a holy terror, and the whole thing turned into a nightmare.
Health Issues in DogsDogs can suffer from a whole host of diseases and other serious health problems.
How to Successfully Adopt a Dog from a RescueOne of the kindest things any person can do is to adopt an animal from a shelter or humane society. The Importance of Titles, Health Screening and Breed Surveys on Breeding StockHistorically, dog shows and other related events were developed with a very specific purpose in mind – to select and recognize those dogs with the best breeding characteristics, in order to guarantee the future health, stability and vitality of individual breeds. Getting a Second Dog – Pros and ConsHaving a dog has been a fun and wonderful experience for everyone in your family. In fact, it has been so rewarding that you are now seriously thinking of getting a second dog.
However, despite its superficial resemblance to the German Shepherd, the Belgian Malinios is actually a type of sheep dog. Choosing a Male or a Female Dog: What is the DifferenceYou may have felt that choosing a breed was the biggest decision you had to make before getting a dog. The Importance of Socializing Your DogThe personality of a dog is flexible and indeterminate. These differences in personality may to some extent be determined by breed, or individual genetics, but for the most part it is based on how and to what extent each particular dog has been socialized. The German Shepherd DogMany breeds of dog become popular because they have one or two distinct characteristics that people admire and appreciate. But what perhaps sets the German Shepherd apart from other popular breeds is the unique constellation of attributes that these dogs possess. HD Zuchtwert Breed Value Assessment NumberThe best tool for breeders in the fight against canine hip dysplasia (CHD), to come along in years, is the SV's HD Zuchtwert, or Breed value assessment number (HD ZW).

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