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Like many dogs I know, Mox has never met a stuffed toy he couldn’t de-stuff in a minute flat.
We like to joke that there is a penis limit of two at my home — the dog’s and the boyfriend’s. I am going to chalk this one up as a breed-specific trait – Italian Greyhound parents, let me know if your pups do this too. This one isn’t all that special –- maybe three out of five dogs will do this -– but I still think it’s really cute every time. When people tell me they think dogs are “just dogs,” I laugh and smile and think some of them could learn a lot from dogs.

He stops to smell literally every flower on our walk, and when we have fresh cuttings at our apartment, he will stretch that elegant neck out and smell that bouquet, too. Every time I turn on the blender to make my protein shake, my dog gives me those puppy eyes.
If your dog does any of the things I’m about to list below, do raise your paw, or let me know if your pup trumps mine in the “little weirdo” department. Until I brought home this “Chewy Vuitton” dog toy in the shape of a purse (first seen in this episode of The Dog Show). Sometimes, I’ll dog-sit for friends and realize how spoiled Moxie has us when I have to take them outside the highrise we live in for potty breaks.

I know they are content but dogs need at least 2 hours of exercise a day, especially the bigger breeds. And the worst thing in the world is closing the door on his sweet little face as I head out. Exercise builds a better relationship between you and your dog, it also makes them stronger and less prone to diseases.

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