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Giving your dog a proper training in terms of attack is considered as a very important part. When you are about to give attack training to your pooch you should wear some prescribed or you can say protective gloves. Repeat the above process on frequent basis so that your pooch could become use to this attack command. Above mentioned steps are very useful in knowing how to train your dog to attack on the strangers.
Guard dog training is particularly essential for people that buy dogs that are naturally not built to safeguard people and their properties. Guard dogs are trained to protect people or properties, and there are several resources used for this purpose. A guard dog training school would first assess the dog and carefully evaluate it to determine whether or not it has the potential to be a guard dog. It takes careful planning and subsequent implementation of the plans to successfully train a guard dog. For people wanting to train their guard dogs at home, instead of a school, there are easy tricks and lots of equipment to help the successful training or conversion of a dog especially if it is one without the natural instinct to defend its territory.
It is also important to school your guard dog to keep to itself as distractions from the opposite sex, or even cats and mice can lead to your k9 losing focus and thus neglecting its duty.
After training your canine on when to bark which is of course, at the sight of unwanted persons.
The next step is to school it on attacking intruders that refuse to step back even after the k9 barks. Attack or protection training is normally conducted by either hired professionals or pet owners as there are a number of resources to help owners train their guard dogs.
After successfully training the dog when to bark and alert the master, the next step is teaching them to recognize and get familiar with family members, obviously to keep the dog from attacking family members. It is best to train guard dogs when they are young, as opposed to leaving them till they get old.

Besides, you have to make sure that you have trained your dog the basic instructions such as how to teach dog to stay. First, you have to put on the protector to the whole part of your arms and make sure that your dog is able to understand your command. Third, ask your dog to come to you and give some your protected arm to its mouth while you say “attack”. Besides it could make you tired, your dog won’t be able to memorize a lot of things in a long term training. These methods wont be as effective as an alarm or real security camera but it may make a huge difference as to whether or not your house is the chosen house to be broken into.
You may not own a dog or have security cameras in use but it doesn’t hurt to claim that you do have a dog and security cameras in use.
There is a guard dog training school specifically established to train a k9 as guards as well as just being pets. From teaching the guard dog to bite and instructing it on how to move at and attack intruders, the many steps of guard dog training school should be carefully followed.
This is, of course, after undergoing the obedience training school as this is the foundation needed for the successful training of a guard dog. There are several guard dog training books and courses that have been specially designed for owners who want to personally train their k9 and bring out the hero in them. The dog should get familiar with the children and pets of the house to make it a part and agreeable member of the family. It is important to make sure that your dog is capable to understand your command and obey your instruction. Second, ask your dog to stay and give some easy instruction to your dog like, run and stop. You can have an outside fake camera or you can have a dome camera to place inside your home. If you have a sign that states your have a dog or security cameras then they will probably determine your home to be to big of a risk.

For this purpose you have to keep some important points in mind in order to train your dog to attack. Both types of training however work together as obedience is the foundation to a great guard dog training program.
While some dog breeds have natural instincts to be aggressive towards intruders and strangers, others need to go to school to become guard dogs. Regardless of which breeds, there are some factors it must possess to make it a good guard dog. Besides teaching the k9 when to bark, obedience and commands should be enforced to ensure that guard dogs know when to guard and when not to attack. This helps to ensure your k9 does not back unnecessarily and only alerts when something unusual takes place.
Your pet should not be left alone after this training as the canine might take a visitor as an intruder, and the outcome can be devastating.
It could be dangerous if you jump into an advanced training like training your dog to be a guard dog.
Praise your dog every time it is able to follow your instruction, such as when it is bite your protected arm under your command and when it stops biting your protected arm. This is why I’m suggesting you look into using fake cameras around the outside of your home. Indeed, it could put yourself in danger, so you have pay attention not only to the training steps but also your safety.

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