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One of my previous fostered dogs was extremely fearful with most things, but especially when left alone. Long walks and beach runs are always a good idea before attempting to leave your dog alone.
Dealing with separation anxiety in dogs before leaving the house has to be done very slowly. Often anxiety can be caused by lack of leadership skills, sometimes the dog will believe he is the leader and feels he needs to protect the owner; this is not ideal! Separation anxiety in dogs could be masking a health issue, consult your veterinarian if you suspect your dog is ill. Trying out these procedures could conquer separation anxiety in dogs within a few days if it’s fairly mild. Meaningful Dog NamesIt is important to choose a dog name with a good meaning, it creates that first step to bonding with your dog.

Cat behavior TrainingThe essentials of training a cat are very different to how it's done with a dog.
Dog Behavior TrainingPositive reinforcement and operant conditioning are the most beneficial and profitable ways to train dogs. For example, when dogs are left alone, solitariness makes them highly-stressed, they don’t enjoy being separated from their pack. It’s heart breaking seeing this kind of separation anxiety in dogs and fear; however, believe me, it is fixable! Ignoring their yelps when you return home is even more difficult, especially when you’re sure you heard your dog say ‘hello’, or ‘I love you’! To combat this, always ensure your dog is extra tired by giving him plenty of daily exercise. Once a dog is accustomed to a crate, he will feel an immense sense of security and comfort – it literally becomes their den.

However, it could take a few weeks or months depending upon the age of your dog, and how long he’s had the problem. Dogs are very sensitive to energy so choose wisely with our wide selection of meaningful names for your dog. Crates are usually for dogs that have anxiety issues; however, many well-behaved dogs love crates.

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