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Potty training a puppy or even an adult or older dog can be daunting and overwhelming this list is to help you get back to the basics and get on the right track! So we just got a puppy today (8 weeks old) and he has only been outside with the breeder a few times when he got him. When he looks like he is going to do something in the House I immediately take him outside sometimes he doesn’t do anything and then a few minutes later he has peed again. I have a 10 year old cocker spenial , this dog poop and pees only around where we sit outside and where my kids play. Way before the sparkly new fandangled indoor doggy “cat boxes” we use to have to teach our Service Dogs to urinate and defecate in the bathtub. Well, it was because we would send these working dogs out on cruise ships with their disabled owners. This made for easy clean-up for their owners and gave the dog a spot that was socially acceptable; although I bet most people don’t even think about Service or Guide Dog potty habits while they are off with their owners! We would cut a bit of fake grass, take it outside for a few weeks and have them potty on it, bring it indoors and then cut it down and put it in the bathtub or shower area. Then the dog was NOT allowed outside for a few days and was only taken to the new indoor spot to poop and pee. Dogs that are taught to go potty outdoors much prefer it to going potty indoors, however like I discussed previously, that isn’t much of an option on a cruise ship.
So we (as trainers) would go through the painstaking ritual of taking the dog to the “shower” every few hours for potty breaks.  It would have been much simpler to just let the dog outside sometimes, rather than getting up at 2 or 3 in the morning and fumbling to the bathroom with the dog! If I can teach an adult dog, who’s habit and foundation is going outside, to jump into a confined, usually detested space to urinate and defecate, you can teach your puppy or adult dog to go outside (if that is what you desire)! I recognize that adult dogs or dogs that have been imprinted to have accidents in the house are conditioned to fail.  For more on conditioning (habits) read this article.  But I also know that it can be changed if you are willing to do the work involved! Personally, I would rather have a dog in a crate overnight than a dog that has an accident almost every night.  I don’t want to condition this kind of negative behavior, because after a while, it will be much harder to fix. You can compromise and have your dog snuggle with you on the bed for an hour or two as you watch TV prior to falling asleep but put him in the crate if he hasn’t earned the privilege of being out loose in the house.
But some of the best things in life take a lot of work and determination and I think potty training is one of them! Try feeding him earlier in the day so that he doesn’t have a full tummy to defecate at night.

Take the water up if he has problems urinating at night.  If he doesn’t have a full bladder he is less likely to need to pee.
Exercise makes the bowels do their job and can get your puppy or dog to poop and pee before it is bed time.
It will also make your dog or puppy so tired that he will be more likely to sleep during the night.
Train him; just spend two 10 minute sessions working on his obedience each day and I guarantee you will see a difference. Exercise is just as important during the day as it is at night for conditioning good behavior and ensuring a tired dog. And, many people give up and these dogs end up in shelters or passed from person to person until they are finally euthanized because the behavior has lasted so long. Do everything that you can to ensure good behavior and after a short time your dog will be conditioned to good behavior, ringing a bell, and not having accidents in the house! My 16 week old cockapoo puppy was trained to potty outside our the yard and we are now moving to NYC and she will have to learn how to potty on the pavement. I have a 2.5 year old Dashund female with some history… I am her origional owner and crate trained her until about 10 months old, she did well but was only partially trained (I live in Alaska and it snows 7 months a year)She hates snow and is very resistant to going in the snow, she would almost rather go in her kennel!
As Yoshi has grown in size, the pen is a little small for his size – the poo and pee sometimes lands at the edge of the pen. And the day we picked him up, it snowed…So he hates the snow, cause its cold, and will barely walk at all.
Now the weather has changed (cold and wet) we are back to stage 1 again with her toileting inside.
I have tried taking her out first thing in the morning when I know she has to go potty on the pavement but she won’t go. Now, at 10-12 months old I went through a short live in relationship and break-up and he kept my dog. My friend is an experienced dog-person who has had many different dogs but has never had the type of problem that she has with her St Bernard! It is not going to be an inside dog, so very regularly we take it out of its crate put a leash on and take it outside to its toilet spot. I supervise him and take him out at regular intervals,( he does do his business outside) however he still thinks it’s also OK to pee and poo in the kitchen and living room.

A couple of weeks ago I got an email stating that he was leaving the country and was offering my dog back to me, of course I accepted and picked her up that night. This practice went for about to when Yoshi was six months when he showed he knew what to do when he wanted to poo or pee. The snow will be here to stay for a while now, and I obviously don’t want him doing his business inside.
She simply refused to eat her kibble and begged for whatever I was eating instead, so I started mixing can food in her kibble and now she at least eats it but the begging is still relentless.
Now it is a learned habit – wherever he maybe in the house, he would run straight to box (now we have replaced the box with the the pen (ordered online)) to poo or pee. He sleeps inith my girlfriend and I AMD almost every morning he has pooped on the floor at least once.
Sometimes he will pee outside then poop in the shower, he gets a treat for each one that way (he is really smart). With potty, she was great the first 2 days, she went potty outside everytime I took her with no accidents, and she remembered her crate training and anticipates rewards when she enters, I even feed her meals in the crate.
So its not an accident but I would like her to only pee in her toilet spot and this is the only place I reward her. I worked 8-5, so I leave her inside the bathtub, of course, with food and water, but she do not do anything in there at all. Well on day 3 we had several fresh new inches of show fall and its just dumped on us since and now she sits there and stares at me when I take her outside. If she does potty she gets praise, a treat, and gets to be out of the crate until next potty time. My friend has tried changing the diet, putting pineapple in the food, does regular poop patrol, but this dog will follow any other dog about until it performs then……you know what! The problem is that I have to take her out 2-3 times before she will potty even after holding it all night.
My friend loves this cheerful animal and we are desperate for any suggestions you may have to explain this behaviour or just help overcome the problem.

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