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Teaching a dog to jump is an exercise in patience, perseverance and knowing your dog's abilities well.
Depending on how tall you are and how tall your dog is, hold the treat at an appropriate level.
With the dog treat in your hand, physically jump to demonstrate the action at the same time as the word. When you have done these steps, start jogging with your dog as you approach the jump, lead in hand. If your dog walks around the jump, do not reward him but make him repeat the action until he jumps. When your dog is more familiar with jumping, you can remain alongside the dog and toss the toy over the jump and ask him to jump to get the toy.

Over time, you can increase the difficulty of the height or shape of the jumps, to give him a bit of variety. Make sure your dog does not jump too high as they could rupture a ligament, requiring expensive surgery. Dogs love to please owners and they readily respond to coaxing to learn new tricks, so learning to jump is something that many dogs will manage with training. When you want your dog to learn to jump, be sure it is a suitable thing for your dog to learn.
This helps for 2 reasons: It prevents the dog from crawling under, and It helps build confidence.
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If you can, place a barricade on either side of the jump so your dog will not try to go around.
Some good temporary jumps can be made out of simple household items like boxes, piece of wood, and small furniture.

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