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Retractable and supports 110 pounds dogs, Flexi explorer retractable dog leash is not just durable but also customizable, at least for the length. To accommodate the different purpose, this dog leash available in three size which is started from S, M until L. The material is pretty good and will not burn the skin when the dog tangled around the legs.

The retraction is also pretty smooth that allows the dog owners to control how far their dog can go much easier.
And thanks to the ergonomic design, there is more than comfort but also ease to walk with the dog. But for now, let’s take a look to the bestselling products, Flexi Explorer Retractable Belt Dog Leash and Pet Magasin Retractable Dog Leash.

And for the medium to large size, it was special designed for the larger dog and can be extended up to 16 feet.

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