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The e-collar setting for the initial obedience introduction should be set so that the dog just barely feels the stim. Do enough repetitions and sessions until you see the dog start to do it with only the stim and no physical touch. In sum, the e-collar can be used to both fix aggression problems and to improve your recall command when your dog runs away from you.

I have been using your techniques for about 6 months and my dog is really transforming to the point where it is a pleasure now. Understands that the stim is coming from you: If the dog is showing aggression toward another command and feels the stim but does not associate it with you, he will associate it with the other dog and this will increase his aggressive response. My dog was a high energy 15 month male Victorian bulldog who was very stubborn and I am now at the point where he has full trust in me, respects me and it really is a pleasure working with him, thanks to your techniques that I have been using consistently.

I just need to teach how to go down without physical contact preferably using the e collar.

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