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While it should be no surprise that you will want a bike, you also need to consider what type of bike you will need. There are also some purchases you should consider in case the exercise might be too much for your dog.
Riding with a dog can triple your width, making it difficult if not impossible to ride in a designated bike lane on the side of the road. Inspect to make sure that there are no signs of chaffing where the harness is pulling on your dog. If you suspect that your dog is experiencing heat stroke stop, move to a cooler area, give the dog a small amount of water, and sponge him or her down with cool (not cold) water. This version of How to Ride a Bicycle with Your Dog was reviewed by Pippa Elliott, MRCVS on July 23, 2015. This is an activity that it is best performed off-road, so it is important to have a bike appropriate for that. Some people will try to bike by holding the leash in their hand while the dog runs alongside them.
For this you will need a body harness, which, unlike a leash, will not apply pressure exclusively to your dog’s neck.

Your dog should learn cues like “slow,” “stop,” “turn” and “leave it” to be able to cooperate on a bike ride.[9] Give your dog treats when they successfully perform these tricks.
Considering that your dog might be less than fully visible and its roadside etiquette rather unrefined, this is a very dangerous option. It will take some time for your dog to become accustomed to be the behaviors and the levels of exertion necessary for biking with you. Whether through trial and error or because your veterinarian has told you that your dog is not equipped for it, you might find that your dog can not run alongside you. Consult with your doctor as to whether the dog has any underlying conditions that could be exacerbated by such strenuous exercise.
You will need a helmet and something to ensure that you are noticeable to potential motorists, including bright cycling clothes and a reflective device to attach to your bike. If possible, the harness should be padded, and not so long as to allow your dog to get far ahead of you. You should, also, however, think about a dog bike trailer that will allow you to pull your dog if he or she gets too tired to run.
Trying to bike on terrain that is either too undeveloped or too congested can be dangerous.

After you have trained your dog you will want to take him or her on a short, slow ride, no more than a few minutes long. You also want to establish that your dog is of a breed for which this would be an appropriate exercise and that it is in sufficiently good shape. To bike safely, you need special equipment to ensure that your dog is not strangled by a leash around their neck, pulled under the wheel, or hit by an oncoming vehicle. Also you should purchase a “baton” lead that will attach the harness to the body of the bike.
Make sure that the dog does not get caught up in distractions and becomes accustomed to the movement of the bike. Thankfully all of the necessary equipment is now mass-produced and readily available for those willing to invest the time and money to keeping their dog safe. This will keep the dog away from your wheel and prevent the dog from pulling on the handle in a way that would cause you to loose your balance.

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