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Below are a few videos that show exactly what the two types of training of can do for you and for your dog.
So just as I could teach you martial arts after I have taught you to polka, so can I teach a SchH dog to attack the weapon hand when a sleeve is not present.
We have range of protection sleeves for every task - schutzhund training, police training, military training etc.
All our sleeves tested for months with police and military trainers for durability before they are available for you.Most of the operation are performed by hand,that is why our sleeves are of outstanding quality. Being suppliers of army,police and professional dog trainers forces us to stand highest standards for quality and durability.We use best materials for our sleeves.

We invest our soul in making all our equipment and in our sleeves in particular.Heavy duty stitched and glued in the stress points, made of best leather,jute or french linen materials using great hardware puts our products on the level where we can proudly call it professional dog training equipment. Because it is a sport, this is the only way to ensure the safety of the decoy (the guy who gets bit).
If you want a dog that will protect you in a real situation, do not get any American AKC show dog nor any German show dog. Dogs bred for show will excel in that characteristic, dogs bred to work (tracking, protecting, herding) will excel in those characteristics first).
Our sleeve will make the difference for you and for your dog when this is about success, comfort for a helper, safety for the dog, quality, durability and professionalism.

To train personal protection the dog must realize he is in a fight with a man, and work out of defense drive and aggression.

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