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A long lead is way easier to manage (and grab, when necessary), than one of those retractable leads.  Plus there are no cheap plastic parts to break when they get dragged along the trail. You can relax with your dog, knowing that they have the freedom to move, and knowing that YOU have control over them at all times. Use a flat collar, unless you’re doing a specific training exercise that requires a different kind of collar.
My dog, Milo, loves to explore at the off-leash park but, when it's time to go home, it takes me 10 to 20 minutes to catch him to put him back on leash. Once your dog knows these games well in low distraction situations such as in the house, it’s time to graduate to more challenging scenarios outside. That first outdoor scenario may be in front of your house, at the park with few dogs, just outside the dog park or even inside the dog park.
Step 1: The first step is to make sure that while your dog is still on her regular 6-foot leash, you can easily get her focus on you with the distractions. For this portion of the training, use a long leash (15-20 feet) and attach it to your dogs’ flat collar or better yet, a front-attaching harness (such as the Easy-Walk harness or a Freedom Harness).
Note that you can always inform the owner first that you are going to train their dog so he won’t crowd or jump on you and your dog.
Here’s a video of my dog Jonesy heeling in order to have a chance to chase squirrels. Now you have the tools to call your dog before she gets overly aroused or rushes the other dog, or before a dog has a chance to rush her. My MinPin who took hundreds of repeated trials to learn basic commands, performed them totally reliably once she finally got the concept.
Its incredible what you can do when you use clicker training and other positive methods- my betsy is no means a pro but I am still amazed at what she has achieved in such a short amount of time She has taught me so much!

We have hundreds of customers around the world using our top notch dog training equipment, and we hope to make you one of them! In this article we will tell you about different dog harnesses types, that differ by functionality and other factors. One should consider an dog harness for assistance if your  dog provides  physical or mobility assistance.
Dog harnesses, Dog muzzles, Dog collars, Metall collars, Dog leads, Bite sleeves, Kennel Accessories . Long lines are a fabulous tool, I hope they’ll become a mainstream training accoutrement someday for typical dog owners. I think he’s even gaining a reputation for doing this and people are starting to tell me I have to put him on leash. Before dogs are allowed to be off-leash at any park, you should first train a fantastic come when called so that you can call them before they get too excited and before they are rude. As an added benefit, this come when called will not only help your dog at the park but, because your dog will be less likely to get overly aroused or to spark an aggressive response from others dogs, it will also affect his behavior and response to dogs in other situations, such as when walking on leash.
These are the same dogs that will also crowd and jump on you when you have a toy or when you just look more interesting then their own humans.
In between treats, reward your own dog so that your own dog is learning that good things happened when he’s polite around the other dog.
Cattle Dog Publishing takes scientific principles of animal behavior and creates practical applications that are easy to understand and accessible for everyday use.
It is the right item for dogs of well obedience, which have slight behavior deviations such as aggression toward strong dogs, strong prey or hunt drive. Well-made durable harnesses may be used for sports, police training, protection training, KNPV training, Belgian and French ring sports.

This harness is  reinforced with extra  padding on the breast area in order to provide  the comfort for your dog.
Our understanding and knowledge, and thus our training and teaching techniques, are always evolving. And now you are searching  for a guide to give a tip, what type of dog harness to choose.
If this level of distraction is too high, I can move to the side of the park where the dogs are far away. My goal is for my dog to think the exercise is so fun she always sprints to catch up to me. And if you stick with this plan regularly, you can often train a fantastic come when called in just a week or two.
The quickest to learn dog I ever trained, a working Great Pyrennees was totally focused on her job. Our insight into the animal’s point of view and awareness of how all our interactions affect them allows us and our pets to have fun and enjoy life together every day. My dog jumped after prey once, and I got rope burn on the back of my legs, so I also wear long pants now when using a long line.
A dog training harness, that is well-fitted, helps the dog breathe right and with correct intense training the dog will stay focused longer in the training session.

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