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You were just snuggling on the coach with your adorable furry companion accepting some gentle little kisses from them.
Disgusting as it is to us, coprophagy seems to do most healthy, vaccinated dogs little harm apart from occasional digestive upset and sometimes a parasite or two. If the poop eating habit isn’t well established, it may die away on its own, provided your dog has no further opportunities to practice it. It could be their own feces, treasures in the kitty litter box, or another animal’s droppings your pet sniffs out. One of the most commonsense reasons why dogs engage in coprophagy is that they are missing key nutrients from their diets.
Many commercially-available pet foods could be lacking in good nutrition – even those recognizable brands at your grocery store. When a dog consumes its own waste more than just on occasion, it is wise to take that pet to the veterinarian so it can be determined if there is a specific nutrient deficiency, and to rule out the possibility of mores serious medical problems – such as parasites or conditions effecting the pancreas. Possible Solution – Provide your dog with better nutrition through higher quality food and possibly supplementation. Natural Healthy Concepts does offer certain Pet Products, including a multi-nutrient formula for dogs.
Some say that dogs are looking for help processing the carbohydrates found in typical pet food, which their stomachs aren’t made to digest. Possible Solution – Dogs could benefit from probiotics and enzymes just as much as people. If dogs really are hardwired to consume digestive waste, then your best option may be to make them dislike doing it. In those cases – you need to make sure you and your dog have some quality time together. Whether your dog eats poop or not – it is extremely important to provide your pet with a proper diet. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. As a Type 1 diabetic he has many of his own health and nutrition challenges and he believes in helping people finding their own way to improved wellness. With Domesticated dogs, it is not a normal or necessary part of their digestive process, but it is a normal behavior in mother dogs with pups when cleaning.
Dogs who suffer from malabsorption syndromes, such as exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, will sometimes eat their own stool. The more excited and agitated you get around the poop, and over the poop eating, the more confused your dog will get about the practice.

But animals like wolves still got plant nutrients from eating the herbivores that eat plants.
If his nutritional needs are satisfied – hopefully his appetite for poop will be too.
However, it is important to keep in mind that you can give a dog too much of a vitamin or mineral.
That includes more plant-based enzymes and beneficial bacteria found in your stomach and intestines. Probiotics, digestive enzymes and eating food with live bacteria (like yogurt) is more commonplace. Dogs seem to like stinky stuff, but they may be turned off by bitter or super-spicy flavors. But because of the ingredients, pet health advocates suggest avoiding these things until you talk to your veterinarian about it. You can also call your dog over for a treat immediately after he does his thing – sort of a bait and switch training tactic.
While in vet school, she participated in an experiment in which students disintegrated different types of dog food.
Instead, ask what it might really mean and begin with making an effort to feed your dog what his body needs.
I think they dislike the smell of hot sauces so why not pour some to the poop every time you see one. The most strict rule and diligent aspect of our cleaning is the swift and thorough removal of feces from the yards.
Some dogs will continue or emulate this cleaning behaviour in a misguided attempt to clean either the yard or their crate. But there are unfortunately a number of kibble formulations that serve to give your dogs calories and the feeling of being full, with little else.
And experts think there are several different explanations as to why your dog might take up this practice. The problem is, livestock and poultry used to make dog food may not be consuming the nutrients that need to get passed on to your dog.
Some dogs are in survival mode, and they think they need to compete with other animals for available food. Dog mothers will even lick their young in order to stimulate the muscles that help puppies relieve themselves.
When you have a dog boarding the last thing we want to facilitate is them eating their own poop, even if they did do so before.

If your dog is eating their own stool while being served volumes of a commercial dog food, verify the quality. The first time you catch them doing a furtive little sniff and even lick, we yell excitedly and collect the poop and put it away. The salmon flavor, after 24 hours of eating it, fur softer, eyes whiter.After a week, all allergy meds stopped. Next thing you know you spot your dog excitedly eating away, you go to look and realize it’s their poop. We know that puppy store dogs tend to eat their own stool much more frequently than others.
Dogs forced to eliminate in their own area (ie cage) will eat their stools rather than live amongst it. In our experience of seeing guests at the dog hotel who arrive with them, it works for some, not others. Dogs without medical conditions will self regulate after a few weeks if food is down all the time.
If left uncheck the dog will end up eating a lot of other things.I have found that socializing dogs works to keep them from developing an interest in poo.
There are plenty of theories and its a rather typical behavior of puppies (dogs 2 years and younger).Some trends of coprophagia point at lack of social interactions or socialization with humans and other dogs.
My current dogs will grab a mouthful of kibble, carry to their blanky (dog bed) drop it there, lay down and eat a piece of kibble now and then.The other side of the equation is nutrition. Dog is a highly social creatures and being alone 6+ hours a day does strange things to their mind.I also keep dry kibble down all the time. Dogs are predominately carnivorous, but have over the ten thousands years of breeding, developed decidedly omnivorous tendencies.
Meaning they will want veg, fruit, grain, dairy and other human foods.Aside from the strict no-no foods like onion, garlic, chocolate, sugar, your dog descends from many generations of dogs who ate what humans ate. Scraps is pretty much what dogs were fed for thousands of years.I feed my dogs the same supper I have each night.

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