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Knowing when a dog will bark on television is difficult to predict, making it difficult to be prepared to react and train a dog.
Put the odds in your favour by recording or downloading barking dog sounds onto your smart phone.
When it comes to games, it’s more important to ensure that dogs are directing their energy into outlets that are safe and have rules. Incorporating games and play into a dog’s life allows owners to use these games to better train their dogs. We turned to professional dog trainer Geralynn Cada for solutions to stop nuisance barking.
If you speak to your dog in a negative tone when asking him to do something positive (aside from catching him in the act when he's done something wrong), you're telling him that you're in distress.
If your dog has a habit of barking at people who come to your front door, work on a command that retrains him to do something instead of barking when someone approaches the door. When you've exhausted all other options, try one of these highly effective and affordable bark control solutions.
Sunbeam® Handheld Sonic Egg™: Take this miracle device with you anywhere barking is a problem, and let it get to work. QUIT IT!™: This brand new, As Seen On TV product only uses air to correct your dog's bad behavior. If your pet's barking is still not under control, it might be time to hire a pet behaviorist to come in and assess what's going on.
Dog training tips every dog owner needs to know House training your new dog Celeb trainer face-off: Victoria Stilwell vs. The television must be a confusing concept for dogs: They see lifelike images and hear common sounds, but the scent and physical presence of the real thing never appears.
While most dogs have very little interest in television, having a dog that does watch TV can be a humorous and entertaining experience.

It sounds like your dog is quite sensitive to different sights and sounds on the TV; this type of pet may require more training than a dog who reacts mainly to specific cues, like the sight of a cat or the sound of a doorbell. If your dog seems to react only to specific sights and sounds on TV, there are some practical ways to help your dog relax.
With repeated pairings, the dog will hear a bark and immediately turn to you, anticipating a cookie. Use the sounds on the television and calmly toss a treat to the dog each time you hear a bark. Not only is it headache inducing, it makes the most otherwise well-behaved dog seem like an unruly beast. First, she explained that just about all dogs bark and it's only natural for a dog to alert you to someone at the door, an animal in the backyard or any other normal, bark-provoking occurrence. For example, retrain your dog to go to his crate or dog bed when there's a knock at the door. When your dog barks — or any dog within a 15-foot range — just press a button and it'll emit an unpleasant ultrasonic sound that only your dog can hear. Some dogs pay little attention to the TV and respond only to certain sounds, such as a doorbell ringing, while other dogs are keenly aware of the entire show. However, when your dog reacts to images on the screen in the same way he would in real life, TV watching can quickly get tense. Sometimes dogs that are sensitive to small changes, such as those on TV, are also generally sensitive to changes in their environment, such as being sensitive to sounds or reacting to sights when out on walks. On subsequent sessions, reduce the volume and intensity to prevent the dog from repeatedly practicing the unwanted barking.
Dogs are capable of realizing that repeated barks followed by treats are nothing more than a training set up. While it may mimic a fight, it does not mean that the game will transfer to a life of crime and violence.

If your dog eats before you do, you're sending him a message that it's his job to guard the home — and bark.
Your dog will be more at ease if you try using a positive tone for everything (aside from responding to bad behavior). Some have even been known to run behind the set in search of a dog or cat that has run offscreen.
Behavior like barking and growling can intensify over time, making it difficult to watch television with your dog unless remedial training is done. If your dog is reactive outside of television watching, training should be addressed by a professional, starting with your veterinarian, because he could have deeper-rooted behavior issues that need in-depth help. The dog needs to learn that barking is no reason to startle, but rather something that predicts treats.
It leads to the undesirable outcome of having a pet that ignores barking only if your hand is in your pocket. If you notice that the dog is refusing to take food, also ease up on the level of difficulty. If you eat before your dog does, you're showing him that it's your job to protect the family and not his — putting him at ease. He'll see that everything is safe, protected and you're the boss — giving him little reason to bark. Loss of desire in food is a reliable indicator that the dog is over threshold — meaning they are past what they can comfortably handle.

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