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Separation Anxiety is a label that is often applied to Labradors that get upset when their owners go out. Genuine separation anxiety causes great distress, and the labrador will often begin showing signs of that distress in advance of the owner departing. Separation anxiety can be treated,  essentially by rebuilding the dog’s confidence that every departure is not a final goodbye. Dogs really should not be left alone for long periods of time,  especially in their early years when bad habits can easily be formed. We have a 3 year old black lab she is a pub dog and loves everyone especially children she has always been very sociable with other dogs and loves to mother puppies, she is never left alone and is very well behaved, the last couple of weeks she has suddenly started to Not like puppies weather they come into the pub or she meets them in the park, Its so out of character for her.

When I first brought him home at 8 weeks, I crate trained him, but the other dog I had at the time decided that dogs should not be in crates and he destroyed 4 crates before I gave up buying them. My 3-year-old Chocolate Lab, Riley, is the sweetest dog and great with my 18month-old daughter but she has separation anxiety. Most dogs or puppies will settle down and stop crying or barking within a half-hour after they are left alone. As soon as i moved in, i taught them where to do their business and all was great until my new neighbors told me that the dogs are barking daily at noon for about 2 hours none stop then its quiet again. Some people are even faced with giving up their dogs because they feel like they can’t leave the dog alone barking all day.

He was put to bed with his usual routine on the first night and when my Dad got up in the morning Harvey started growling and snarling and generally trying to attack my Dad, who naturally was scared. But they both get super anxious when they see other dogs on a walk and pull to get to them.

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