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So needless to stay, it’s important to stop puppy chewing before it becomes a problem.
Both of these options also work for teething puppies and those with separation anxiety as well. So, stop focusing on the frustrating parts and take the time to bond with your new puppy while you have the chance. Most dogs will outgrow the need for constant chewing by the age of 2 or so, but will continue to enjoy chewing when you offer safe objects.
Then, a year later, came puppy Socrates, and I realized that I had not mastered puppy chewing. In my opinion, of the four canine life stages (puppy, adolescent, adult and senior), puppies tend to have the most issues with inappropriate chewing. Typically from 4 to 6 months of age, dogs begin to lose their baby teeth, and it can take another four months for all their adult teeth to grow in. Exercise is vitally important for dogs prone to inappropriate chewing or other destructive behaviors.
Occasionally chewing or tearing things up is a symptom of a more serious problem, such as separation anxiety. A few training books are still on the market that advocate inhumane methods for stopping destructive behaviors, such as putting duct tape around a pet’s mouth or physically hitting a dog.

Teething puppies merely need something safe to chew on, and redirecting them away from the items they’re not supposed to eat, in favor of their toys, is the best way to break bad habits early on. If your dog suffers from severe separation anxiety, you may need to seek out a training professional to help them overcome their fears.
Most dogs outgrow the chewing phase, and puppies stop teething at around six months of age.
Our dog eats strange things all the time, everything from television remote controls to our daughter's toys. Bones from the butcher can crack or break teeth, or splinter and cause problems in the digestive tract. Chewing or tearing things up (like paper) can also be a displacement behavior, a way to release pent-up energy or stress.
For example, spray items with Bitter Apple spray or Boundary dog repellant, or use a Scat Mat at the edge of a countertop, to stop counter surfers. However, if your pup is only mildy upset when you leave, you may be able to teach them that you leaving isn’t such a scary time – in fact, it can even be a fun time. But if your dog stops eating or starts vomiting, you need to get to a veterinarian right away. Let’s take a look at why puppies chew and what you can do if your puppy is a Socrates and not a Winston.

If you keep the bone frozen, it lengthens the overall chewing time and provides maximum relief.
Some puppies may mouth their owners when seeking attention, as perhaps at one point in their life this behavior was inadvertently reinforced. Many pups have certain times of day when they are more likely to chew, so you can head this behavior off at the pass if you choose this time of day to give the dog an approved chewie.
Once you’ve determined the reason for their chewing, then you can take it from there.
Or, perhaps some puppies have not developed impulse control and begin to mouth their owners when they become overstimulated. In fact, it is these endorphins that are stimulated by chewing, so if your dog is not getting enough exercise, he may unconsciously be seeking to replace needed endorphins by releasing pent-up energy through chewing.
There’s potty training, of course, but one of the biggest issues owners seem to face with a puppy is the dreaded chewing stage. Their stomachs can handle a lot, sure, but shoelaces and socks can cause major problems, and in some cases, even death, for puppies.

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