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Harvey is the most friendly, stable and well-adjusted dog you could want to meet in every respect apart from his fear of being parted from the lady. It seems that it’s not so much a fear of being left alone itself as a fear of losing the lady. He will certainly sense her emotions when she has to leave him, never for more than two or three hours, and that will merely add to his distress because he can’t possibly realise the reason she herself feels anxious – and guilty.
In addition to desensitising Harvey to being away from her and counter-conditioning him to feel her departures are nothing to worry about, the lady herself can change a few other things that will help.

Although he was very friendly with me, he became anxious within a few seconds when she walked out of the room and shut the door, as you can see on the left. The counter-conditioning, at the same time, should gradually have him feeling happy when left rather than distressed. Harvey can be left happily for about ten minutes now and went to my immediate neighbours for an hour with no fuss apart from barking at the front door briefly as I left and he was quite happy. I have found that the people who succeed are those who stick at it until they do succeed for however long it takes – and don’t give up after giving it a try if things don’t show much improvement after just two or three weeks, as proved by another lady and her dog who I went to quite recently – read here.

The actual barking itself isn’t the problem (though it may be so for the neighbours).

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