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Dogs can become bored quite easily, especially if you have a breed that was bred to hunt or otherwise be active. Dogs chewing on sticks may seem odd, but when a dog chews on wood furniture, that's a different story. Not only do dogs investigate the world with their mouths, but chewing is a primal instinct that springs from dogs being foragers. Dogs who are kept in the house all day without toys or entertainment will chew to help keep them amused. It's also important to keep dogs that suffer from separation anxiety entertained while you're gone.

All you do is spray the furniture and your dog will quickly get an idea that the furniture isn't meant for chewing. You can give your dog teething treats to help her teeth without worrying about your furniture. Chewing on wood may not be beneficial for you, but having your dog chew on chew treats and toys can be. Puzzle toys are a great option because the dog has to interact with the toy in order to get a treat. If your dog is experiencing separation anxiety that you can't remedy, consider a dog sitter or doggy daycare.

The key is correcting your dog when she chews on wood, but praising her when she chews on her toys.
This allows your dog to interact with people and other dogs, which can keep her occupied until she can be with you again.

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