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In the midst of this mayhem sits your dog, scraps of your best jeans hanging from his mouth. A dog does not naturally know the difference between your best shoes and the old loafer you gave him to chew on.
Teach!  To be successful in having a non-destructive dog, you need to provide items that your dog can play with and then teach him to play with them.
Enrich your dog’s environment with activities and items of interest to alleviate boredom.
Try to anticipate those occasions when he is about to do something to gain your attention and divert him before he begins. When you know you will be away from home, ensure he has plenty of environmental enrichment to keep him occupied. Gradually get him used to being separated from you for an increasing length of time while you are at home. Reward him for calm, quiet behaviour and show him that play will stop if he becomes destructive.

Some people promote various punishments for destructive behaviour ranging from yelling to hitting with rolled up newspapers, or using electronic or chemical collars.
Punishment will tend to make your dog anxious and stressed because he will associate the punishment with you, not with the act he committed prior to you arriving on the scene. We believe it is far better to work out why your dog is displaying destructive behaviour and remedy the situation using the ideas given here. Obviously he knows he's done the wrong thing, his ears are back, his tail is between his legs, he is grovelling and possibly licking you. If he is confined to an acceptable area when unsupervised he will not be able to gain access to items you value.
There are a vast variety of toys and activities that you can either purchase or make yourself, with ideas including stuffed chewtoys, different sounds and scents and even doggy puzzles.
They tend to enjoy company and are not overly content if left alone a lot.  Your dog may have discovered that playing with items you value (especially those with your scent and to which you appear to pay a lot of attention such as your clothing or shoes) tends to gain attention, even if it is the wrong attention! In most cases the punishment does not deter the dog from the behaviour as the reason for his destructive behaviour is not being addressed.

We have listed only the most common reasons but there are many other reasons why your dog may shred, tear, or chew. However, if you are observant you can usually discover what makes your dog behave the way he does. Up until the time you arrived home, he was having a wonderful time playing with all the exciting toys you left out for him. It is up to you to use your initiative to think about why he is destroying things and work out solutions which suit you both.

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