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One way to differentiate play from aggression is to be aware of the way your dog communicates with other dogs. One of the most common reasons dogs see their veterinarians for emergency appointments is because of a bite wound. If you have a dog and he goes to the dog park, lives with doggie housemates, or otherwise socializes with other dogs, chances are at some point you may need to break up a spat.
Instead, our major concern is just getting the dogs apart and to do so without getting bitten. Other methods for separating dogs include spraying them with water, placing a board or object between them, or banging a noisy object near them. To learn how to recognize signs that your dog is anxious and may be ready to get to a fight read Chapter 1 in this online book: Low Stress Handling and Behavior Modification of Dogs and Cats. Play gives your dog an opportunity to make friends, practice dog body language and burn off extra energy. In any play situation, communication needs to be two-sided and both dogs need to be having fun.
The bite wound may have been caused by another family dog or by a fight with a strange or unfamiliar animal. These may range from low-level altercations with no real contact to a no-bites-spared brawl. Also consider using a spray deterrent such as citronella (Direct Stop or Spray Shield) or pepper spray. Cattle Dog Publishing takes scientific principles of animal behavior and creates practical applications that are easy to understand and accessible for everyday use.
The other dog may perceive your dog as a threat and respond with warning signals; if your dog fails to heed these, play can quickly escalate to an altercation. It may also allow you to use your hands to grasp the other dog if you don’t have someone else to help. In adult dogs, biting or other aggressive behaviors can have multiple underlying motives or causes. First, realize that regardless of the amount of noise, most fights between unfamiliar dogs at the dog park or first fights between housemates are spit and drool matches. Just remember—in all cases avoid actions that will cause the dog to redirect the aggression to you or even unintentionally lead to a bite. A majority of the dog aggressive behavior cases involving bites that I treat have a history of getting into lower level spats, which over time, developed into more dangerous fights. Aggressive behaviors such as growling, lunging, snarling, snapping or biting are used as a means of communication and to resolve competitive issues or perceived threats.

Many fights can be prevented simply by noticing when one dog is tense around another, calling the two dogs apart before there’s trouble and then rewarding your dog for good behavior.
My husband threw himself over the dog's chest and hind end until his owner caught up to him and leashed him (instinctual old wrestling skills, my husband said).
Our insight into the animal’s point of view and awareness of how all our interactions affect them allows us and our pets to have fun and enjoy life together every day.
They are all very different.In addition, mama dogs have very accurate control of the force and placement of their bites.
The competition may be over food, territory, attention of an owner, position in a pack or group, as a protective reaction towards another dog, etc. So in the majority of cases we do not need to worry about prying the jaws open or getting dogs to actually release. This is why mama dogs do not accidentally hurt their puppies when they hold, carry, or correct them.In fact, all dogs have accurate control of the force and placement of their bite.
When a dog is young, he learns from his mother and litter-mates not to bite too hard on each other while playing and interacting.
That is why puppies should not be separated from their mothers and siblings until they are at least 8 weeks old. The dog's teeth and jaws are very powerful and the wounds they inflict can crush or tear muscles and skin, penetrate through the chest wall causing lung collapse, or cause serious or fatal damage to intestinal organs. Once a dog becomes an adult, such discipline methods are no longer very effective.In fact, mother dogs may even get into serious fights with their adult offsprings. Vital structures in the neck that could be easily injured include blood vessels such as the jugular vein or the carotid artery, numerous nerves, the esophagus, and the trachea or airway. While a mama dog will never be violent in this way with a puppy, it is a totally different story when a dog enters adulthood, offspring or not.The mama dog story is very compelling but it breaks apart when we try to apply it to poking and jabbing at our adult companion dogs. Since the dog's mouth is full of bacteria, any bite that does puncture the skin will introduce bacteria or other infectious organisms below the skin surface, where the bacteria can multiply and spread throughout the underlying tissues. It works not because our dogs think we are their mothers, but because it applies pain to the dog and causes an aversive response.In essence, we apply pain when our dog performs an undesirable behavior. If not properly applied, or if applied too often, it can cause loss of trust, increased levels of stress, lower quality of life, and even increased aggression.Dogs communicate and play with each other through precise bites that we have no way of mimicking because we are not dogs. Therefore, if your dog has been in a fight with another animal, you should take him to the veterinarian for an examination as soon as possible.
Dogs also communicate with each other through a variety of other techniques including a combination of body language, scent, and vocalizations.Whether a dog training technique works or not, depends on more than stopping certain undesirable behaviors in the short-term. These include uncontrollable bleeding (bleeding that can't be stopped), breathing difficulty, weakness, crying or whining, limping, pale or blue gums, or collapse.

We consider the different types of leash biters and what are the different techniques for stopping this leash biting behavior.
Here are some common techniques on how to stop puppy biting, and how to teach our dogs to control the force of their bites. Puppy Biting - Managing Excitement and Self-ControlPuppies like biting everything, including you and your prized belongings.
Here, we discuss how we can control puppy biting by managing his excitement level and teaching him self-control. For extensive wounds, severely contaminated wounds, or wounds in sensitive areas of the body (such as near the eyes, mouth or ears), it will be necessary to put your dog under general anesthetic so that the area can be safely and thoroughly cleaned and treated. However, it takes a couple of days for the test results to be ready, so your veterinarian may not perform these tests unless your pet's wounds do not respond appropriately to initial broad spectrum antibiotic treatment. Dogs that are well-mannered are less likely to fight, so basic obedience training is strongly recommended.
If you are outdoors with your dog and you see a stray dog that is running free, do not approach it. However, we have a very big yard and we play with him until he gets so tired that he either falls asleep or just lays in his bed for a while until he has regained his energy. My dog is usually leashed outside for an hour, varying slightly depending on if he guilts us into bringing him in or not. He is almost always supervised outside, but for the very rare occasions where he is not, the tree isn’t very far away from the house anyways and he can even sit on the porch. That story actually brought tears to my eyes because I’m worried that one day the same thing will happen to my dog.
This story actually helped me out a lot, seeing how things could turn out, and it helped me figure out what I can do to help my dog out.
So, we were shown other approaches to the modify the behavior.I think the temptation of a quick-fix creeps in for everyone.
My other dog, a Siberian, is more submissive in nature and will roll onto her back to avoid conflict.I think in general Shibas have a more dominant personality, so they usually choose to fight back when they see a perceived threat. Another thing I have noticed with Sephy is that he gets excited very quickly, and when he gets over excited, play becomes really intense and may sometimes overwhelm the other dogs or just piss them off. However, invisible to us, they have already had a whole conversation going on that we were not privy to.

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