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She wasted no time in teaching the rest of the litter and we immediately had a kitchen full of wild puppies. Our first and foremost priority when providing information to new families is to make them aware of the extreme intelligence and the independent spirit that comes with the Siberian Husky. Once the dogs found they could no longer dismantle the fence, they decided to simply dig underneath it. We assumed that once they were blocked from going through and under the fence they would simply start climbing over. Step 1Address the reasons for your dog's digging; consult with a certified professional dog trainer if needed. Step 2Breeds such as terriers and dachshunds dig to follow their prey drive and may be telling you that you have a mole infestation in your yard. Step 1If your dog is still focused on digging, distract him from your fence with an alternate digging area. Step 3Teach your dog to dig in this area by burying toys such as dog balls or edible treats and showing him how to find them.
Step 2If your fence is made of diamond wire, add more wire at the bottom extending down into the trench. Step 3If extending your fence into the ground is not an option, try digging a shallow trench and filling it with concrete or loose gravel. She was the first of her litter (at 6 weeks old) to learn how to scale fences like a ninja.
They have incredible problem solving skills from a very young age and one of the biggest concerns with this breed is keeping them home and safe. Our response was to purchase 6 to 10 foot lengths of flat 1 inch wide rebar from Home Depot.

Sometimes a dog digs under the fence even though this act of rebellion is not in his best interest. Continuously replenish the treat and toy supply to maintain your dog's interest in his allowed digging zone. Dig a trench one to two feet deep in which to bury vertical planks of wood below the fence. Use wood staples or nails to attach the bottom end of the wire to sections of logs lying in the trench. We cut the rebar to the width of each fence or gate panel and wove it through the chain link at the bottom of the panel next to the post. When a few of them get together and have digging conventions, they can dig you a hole big enough for a swimming pool.
Once a dog learns how to climb, the only thing that will keep it inside the fence is either a hot wire (electric wire) at the top or a ceiling over the run made from fence, wire or wood. Siberians can chew through wood fences, scramble over wood fences, move plastic dog houses closer to the fence to climb up and over more easily.
Give him a wading pool or bring him into the cool house, and keep outdoor breaks short during the hottest part of the day. Digging a little tunnel under a fence panel is child's play for them and can be done in a matter of minutes.
We've faced climb-outs with one of our litters that learned to climb by 6 weeks, however we have never had an adult climb out of our runs so far. She previously worked as an assistant controller while in the Certified General Accountants program, and has training in dog psychology through Custom Canine Teaching Ltd. This gives them an incredibly strong drive to see what's around the bend in the path or over that next hill.

To put an end to the digging out, we purchased a roll of rabbit wire and rolled it out along the inside of the fence. Once we barred them from dismantling the fence and digging underneath, they went after the gate latches.
Once loose, there is often little chance of recall no matter how many treats you have to offer.
Most chain link fencing is attached to the posts, top, bottom and sides, with metal ties as seen in the picture to the right. The latches themselves were flimsy metal and bent and broke easily when the dogs worked together and yanked the gate backwards repeatedly.
While they are strong enough to hold chain link to a post under ordinary circumstances, they are flimsy and generally they are only secured to the fence with a single twist on each end. You can also see from the warped chain link above it that the dogs have tested this part of the fence by pulling on it in several places in an attempt to peel it back. From that point on we used a short piece of chain and a padlock on each gate in the dog yard. Siberians learn very quickly how to untwist the end, pull off the metal tie and peel back the chain link.
The clamps and rebar are much sturdier than those flimsy metal ties in the bottom center of the bottom pole. They can open a hole in a chain link fence in a matter of minutes without chipping a tooth.

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