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There are many things that can be done through out the day during your day to day interactions with your dog that can help this process.  The following are general rules that can be employed to help decrease anxiety and begin to create a normal bond (as apposed to the abnormal pathologic bond that is the culprit here). This entry was posted in Anxiety, Barking, Daycare, Destructive Behavior, Dog Behavior, Dog Training, Fear, Fearful, House Training, Howling, Scared, Separation Anxiety, Uncategorized and tagged Separation Anxiety by DrMark. However, he yelps and barks endlessly when I put him in his 2’x 6’ exopen to leave for work and he does the same when he hears my car pulls up. The accidents he is having that occur in from of you or while you are home are not due to separation anxiety (SA). With the barking in the crate at night, an easy fix would be to put the crate in your bedroom. Dogs with separation anxiety can be a challenge, but there is hope if you have the time and the patience to handle it. Don’t scold or punish your dog when it howls, as it may find even this kind of attention rewarding. Don’t give your dog anything (food, treats, toys, etc.) until it has been quiet for at least five seconds. Train your dog to be quiet on command.[4] Just as you can train a dog to “speak,” you can train it to stop howling or making other noise when you give a command.
When you return home, take the toy away so that your dog associates it only with the times when you are gone. Repeat these steps consistently, and over time your dog’s separation anxiety (and howling behavior) should subside or disappear. You can also try crate training your dog in addition to counterconditioning in order to stop its howling. In any case, do not punish your dog because of separation anxiety.[9] Instead of making your dog stop howling, this will only increase its anxiety. Spend quality time with your dog.[13] Dogs need lots of attention from their humans, especially if they have to be left alone for extended periods. If your dog’s howling is caused by an environmental trigger, it will usually stop once the trigger goes away or ends.
If the environmental trigger cannot be controlled (such as a siren or thunder), you can still use counterconditioning to stop your dog’s howling.

This version of How to Stop Howling Dogs was reviewed by Pippa Elliott, MRCVS on August 24, 2015. Barking is a common behavioral problem and is of special concern for people who live close to their neighbors. A dog who barks excessively at the sound of a car in the driveway or the ring of the doorbell may be protecting his territory.
Let your dog announce the arrival of a visitor, but allow him no more than three barks, then interrupt his barking (by shaking an aluminum can that contains a few pennies, if necessary) and tell him to sit and stay.
Younger dogs (less than three years of age) and dogs whose ancestors were specifically bred to be highly active, such as northern breeds, herding breeds, and sporting breeds, are especially susceptible to boredom. Be aware of your dogs state of mind and do not forget to reward even the most tiny hint of increased relaxation.  If you find your dog becoming stressed while practicing gradual departures, STOP!  Go back a duration that did not cause stress, and end the exercise for the time being. I just got a labradoodle puppy a little over a week ago and we are definitely dealing with separation anxiety issues. Many dogs howl because of separation anxiety, others due to an environmental trigger, such as a siren or thunder. Some dogs will howl in order to get your attention, or to “ask” for food, treats, toys, etc.[1][2] To prevent this kind of howling behavior, you will first have to show your dog that howling is not a way to get your attention. You can also try slowly lengthening the amount of time your dog needs to be silent before you give it a treat.
Making time to play with your dog may also help reduce its separation anxiety and howling behavior. Many dogs will howl in response to external stimuli, like sirens, other dogs, or thunder.[15][16] Pay attention when your dog howls to see if the behavior follows a specific trigger. If the occasional brief howl does not pose a problem, you may just want to let your dog be. For example, if your dog howls at the sound of your dryer, try to keep it calm while the dryer is on for only a minute, and offer it a treat. Try to keep your dog calm when the trigger is present, and offer it a treat if it does not howl. If you cannot determine that your dog’s howling is caused by an environmental trigger, separation anxiety, or another obvious cause, then the cause may be health-related.

Barking is a natural behavior, and you should allow your dog to bark in some controlled circumstances. While this behavior seems desirable, your dog may not be able to tell friend from foe or know when to curb his aggression, especially if you encourage his watchdog antics. Some of them spray citronella (pungent aromatic oil extracted from the Asian grass Cymbopogon nardus), some collars emit a high-pitched noise, and some emit a static shock. Any information is not intended to replace the advice of a Vet.Always speak to a Vet if you have any concerns about your dog's health. If your dog howls when waiting for something, ignore it until it is quiet for at least five seconds. The most basic technique, counterconditioning, involves getting your dog to associate good things with separation.[7] For dogs with moderate separation anxiety, this may be enough to end the howling behavior. Do this consistently, and your dog may come to associate the trigger with getting a reward instead of needing to howl. The first article he worked on was How to Make Baseball Cards, and his favorite has been How to Make Caffe Medici. Some dogs are not territorial but simply enjoy the excitement of visitors and bark at them for entertainment.
Practice having him sit and stay often, even when no one is at the door, until your dog learns to comply. These products have variable effects, depending on how they are used, but they do not address the underlying problems that are causing the dog to bark. In France, many owners have very young dogs (2-3 months) and let them some hours or all the day alone. If you dog’s howling is a problem, you can try to reduce its anxiety or use counterconditioning techniques. I have a great a great young woman who runs a small kennel for boarding and usually takes my dog home with her at night.I am torn between taking this little sweetie and taking a chance of taking on a really big problem.

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