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If your dog’s not wearing the Teaching Lead®, place a short lead onto her buckle collar.
If your dog’s a clothing grabber, dilute some Bitter Apple® spray in a plant mister and carry it with you when you suspect your dog will pull this assault. Correct hard bites by emitting a startling vocal sound and either snapping their head from your hand or spritzing their mouth with Binaca Mouth Spray® or diluted Bitter Apple®.

Consider this: When your puppy still hung out with her littermates, she nipped during play and to determine her rank. If all checks out and your puppy won’t quit, crate or isolate her with a favorite bone.
Because you can’t teach kids to stop being kids, you need to help your dog control her impulses.

If she becomes too annoying, get Binaca Mouth Spray® and spritz her discreetly, hiding the Binaca in your hand, avoiding all eye contact, comments, or pushing.

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