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How to Keep Dogs from Digging Under a Fence GateSome dogs love to escape when confined to a fenced yard, and the easiest way out is often by digging under the gate.
The easiest way for a dog to escape is by digging under the gate, since it has a gap under it to allow the gate to swing open and closed.
NOTE: If you have a metal or chain link fence, put PVC tubing around every one of my metal fence posts.
Here is a dog forum where you can read other peoples questions and answers for even more solutions for dog-proofing your fence and backyard.
If you know of other methods to stop dogs from digging under fences, please leave a comment below to assist our other readers who’s dogs are trying to escape! How To Baby Proof A Fireplace Hearth – Easy Step By Step DIY If you have a small child running around then you already know a fireplace can be a safety hazard. How To Easily Stop A Squeaky Floor On Hardwood Carpet Or Linoleum Floors In our upstairs guest bedroom there are sections of the floor that squeak when you walk. Fences Provide Privacy. It is my right as an American to wear my pajamas all day and not have my neighbors see me slob out.
No matter what type of fence you choose (or what you already have, thanks to your landlord or the person who lived there before you), you’ll probably have problems with it. Maybe your dogs are fence fighting with the neighbor’s dogs or kids are sticking their hands through the fence and you’ve been finding tiny fingers in your lawn clippings. If style isn’t your thing, but function is, you can try a black plastic construction fence as a visual block.
And if you have a fence that your dog is able to stick their head through, but you don’t care about privacy, try adding rolls of garden fencing to your fence to block ‘em in! If your dog is a champion jumper, and none of this is enough, you may have to consider an expanded exercise area that is totally enclosed with a ceiling.
The idea is to manage the situation with a secondary internal fence, set back from the common fence line, thereby preventing your dog from making bad choices, rehearsing behaviors like fence fighting, or escaping easily.
Depending on what issue you’re trying to prevent and your dog’s personal kung-fu skills, the redundant fence may need to be as strong as the outer fence. For more on redundant fences, please check out Puddin’s Training Tips for ideas and some examples. If you have kids, this one addition could mean the difference between being able to keep your dog and surrendering him to the shelter.
Depending on where you live, it’s not uncommon for people to let themselves into your fenced in yard.
But all in all, training goes a lot faster when you can prevent your dogs from practicing naughty-pants behaviors like door dashing, tunnel crafting, and fence fighting.
My pit bull Boogie is a real worrier too and that cheap Reed fencing helped him relax, back when we rented a place with a chain link fence. For good measure, throw up an inexpensive garden fence around your new shrubs (it’ll protect the plants and poof! I also had to combine this with training so that my dogs don’t react to the sight and sounds of the neighbors in the backyard! I have the same issue like Ariel: subdivision fencing restrictions that limit the height of the fence to 4 ft. For any type of fence it is important to make sure there are no areas where your dog or others may injure themselves or escape. I have a walker hound mix that can now jump so high and catapult herself off the inside rail on my fence. Awesome post, we have just bought our new house and was looking for fencing ideas for our dog. We also put in large nursery pots of plants from our garden that are from our winter garden and past their use for us. The second type I bought from Farm Tek is a screw-in nipple that is screwed into a PVC pipe. We are amazed how well the coop turned out considering how ignorant we were when we started. Using scrap pieces of plywood, we put up interior walls in the coop to keep the chickens from pecking the insulation.
Tip: We added latches on the inside of our doors so we can close them while we are inside the building or run and keep the chickens from making an escape. Elevate the chain link fence from the ground and hook an electric fence charger up to the entire chain link fence at the bottom only.
Landscaping: If you have a dog that is a jumper or likes to patrol the fence line, consider using landscaping as a way to keep your dogs away from the fence. Concrete Footer: If you have a serious digger, consider pouring concrete along the perimeter of the fence line and sinking the bottom of the fence into the concrete before it dries. Coyote Rollers: If you have a jumper or climber, you can try these rollers, designed to make it impossible for coyotes to get a grip on the top of the fence (the bar spins).

Lean-Ins: Another option is to build lean-ins using farm fencing, so that the top of your fence is angled in a bit horizontal to the ground. You can put up a secondary, internal fence on just one side of your yard – wherever the problems are occurring – or all four sides. For some dogs, just having the visual of light pvc fencing will work, for others, they’ll need a solid wood fence to contain them safely. I can’t tell you how many families brought in dogs to the shelter where I used to work because the dog was always escaping when the kids opened the door.
We have 10’ swinging gates on our fence and after a few bad storms we discovered that the gates would sometimes blow open. So I know that most of us do leave our dogs unattended in the yard sometimes (even if it’s just for a minute) and that’s why all the above stuff should be considered. So no matter how much training you’re planning on doing, the solutions above will support your dog as they learn, keep them and others safe, and will only make things easier for you. We have put up a brown tarp and a garden (second) fence as a stop-gap measure to reduce fence-fighting with a new neighbor dog. It’s such a great way to make the most of the space and help our dogs out at the same time! We moved into our place 5 years ago and put up a 6 foot vinyl privacy fence in the back yard. I’m a big fan of the double fence because it keeps mine from chasing up and down the fence, hoping for something to bark at. I have a Mastiff and a Great Dane mix and neighbors with a small child who is fascinated by my dogs, but his parents are afraid of them. I’m the owner of a Hoboken dog walking company and we have so many clients with fencing issues. He loves climbing our chain link fence, and has escaped countles times, even going into my neighbor’s yard while her pitbull was there.
The information in this blog is meant to be as accurate as possible, however the accuracy or completeness of the information cannot be guaranteed. We added hardware cloth to the bottom of the fence to prevent the chickens from sticking their heads through it to have them caught by dogs, racoons, or other critters.
We found that most feeders have open tops without a good way to cover the chicken feed to keep it from getting wet if it is hanging outside in the run.
Hammer 3 to 4 foot pieces of rebar into the dirt a few inches from the bottom of the fence. By planting dense shrubs, like Boxwood, along the fence line, you’ll force your dogs to back up, making the jump further (aka harder). That’s wire fencing laid down against the base of your fence and bent perpendicular (90 degree angle) to it.
Most people I know have it on just one side of their yard where they share a common fence with a troublesome neighbor, with a busy commercial building or street, or with a damaged or ineffective fence that can’t be changed for some reason (like when you rent or your neighbor owns the fence). Since we couldn’t do any repairs to the fence, we put up a roll of green plastic fencing about 3 feet back from the common fence line to keep our dogs from poking their heads through the broken fence. These handy gated areas are built in front of your main entrance, so that if the door opens and a dog escapes, they are still contained by the small gated area (the airlock) right outside the door. Teach your dogs the skills they need to ignore dogs on the other side of the fence, to come when called, and to stop escaping. We are in the middle of moving from Los Angeles to Austin and fencing is one of my biggest concerns. I use a tarp to separate my back yard from my front yard but my dog is never out by her self.
So my solution has been to put metal flashing (it’s in the roofing dept at the hardware store) along the bottom of the fence. So I installed a 6 ft high no step horse fence and then to prevent little hands from coming through the fence, I bought the reed rolls and wrapped it around the outside of the fence. These types of fencing can be worked into to almost any home just for the look or for other animals. We inherited the current vinyl fence from our predecessors and they had it build for a Yorkshire terrier while we have 3 dogs of 84, 86 and 130 pounds. My Whippets aren’t trying to get out, but the property I bought 12 months ago allows them to jump at and see over a low fence, and through two other fences. The water reserve is in a covered bucket away from the chickens where they can’t poop in it or fill it with pine shavings. However, this water will be used to water our nearby garden, not to water the chickens except in an emergency. It not only made the building very strong and stable, the screws allowed us to make easy changes and corrections without having to pry nails and chew up the wood. We have a vent along the ridge covered with hardware cloth and vents along the bottom sides of the roof also covered with wire mesh to prevent snakes or mice from getting in.  There is also wire along the bottom of the coop on three sides so the chickens can use space under the building.

This is back breaking work but it can solve the problem and your doggy will never leave your yard again. Playing at home is super handy if you have a DINOS and need a break from walking your dog or you need to exercise them prior to a walk. And if you have a patroller, the landscaping will make the buffer zone between the fence and your dog a few feet wider, which might help your dog take the day off from guard duty.
You know, like an “L”. You can bury this fencing underground, but it doesn’t have to be buried to work. For some dogs, this may be as simple as adding a sturdy baby gate to the opening of your front porch.
We got spoiled by the wonderful concrete block fences that are typical in LA but Texas is much more of a questionable looking wood or chain link kind of place.
Our training to solve the fence-fighting is now complete and I couldn’t figure out what our longer term visual solution would be. Beans don’t take up much square footage on the ground, and the trellis adds some height to the fencing! The flashing is dog chew-proof and if they throw their bodies against the fence, the loud noise makes them stop. We’re going to make this article available on our Facebook and website (in the very near future) for all of our Hoboken pet sitting and dog walking clients. My shepherd used to climb the same 4 ft fence, and I used a trainer’s ideas to show her who is her alpha and centered her on our pack. Right now we have him on an invisible fence with the boundaries inside the actual fence so a redundant fence of sorts and then a coyote roller to top it off. We framed the walls using 2x4s then used staples to hold the welded fencing onto the frames. My husband installed them using a covered, white bucket hanging from a chain in the run with a large clay dish used under clay pots for plants attached to the bottom of the bucket.
I put 2 large landscaping tubs underneath the roost filled with pine shavings to catch the chicken poop which is heaviest under the roost.
I put the shelves high enough to use as a work surface and place 5 gallon buckets and plastic garbage cans under them in which I store chicken food, diatomaceous earth, pine shavings, and water. The dog can remove concrete cinder blocks, bricks, 2x4s, and rocks that we have placed along the bottom of the fence to try and prevent the constant digging. Use a staple gun on the top 1 to 2 feet of the chicken wire and secure it to the wooden fence. Just remember to check in between the shrubs on the regular to make sure the dogs haven’t created a secret tunnel to Naughtyville.
In other homes with other dogs, this may mean building a small fenced in area with a locking gate in front of your door. Our dogs aren’t fence fighters (however you never know about your neighbors) but our pit bull is a worrier and I want to him to be able to relax in his own yard. I guess the HOA will not like a redundant fence but it’s not explicitly mentioned in the covenants and I very much like the idea. So I have been thinking about hedging, but it’s really nice to know my other options until I can afford decent fences!
I was already thinking of the redundant fence (using the extra space for the chickens and garden planters) but it’s nice to see such a complete list of options! If you do not want to use rebar (since it may be difficult to cut many pieces) you can use 4 foot long (and thick) wooden stakes. When your doggy gets close enough to the wire, your dog will start to figure out not to go near the fence again. The two ideas from Home Depot in this blog I think will do the job without breaking the bank.
The wood stakes can be used but may not be a true permanent solution rather than using rebar. These digging deterrent systems do not hurt your dog, they simply make them slightly uncomfortable enough to deter them. Another mistake we made was trying to save space in the yard and building the coop too close to our backyard fence.
While watching some TV show, my husband yelled, stopped and replayed a segment in which a guy was lowering hurricane shutters using a rope anchored to the bottom of the shutter and an eye screwed in above.

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