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If they don’t give up, the owner should walk to them and guide them back to the assigned ‘digging pit’ and encourage them to dig there. When you leave your property, sometimes the dogs know it’s their chance to get away with something, so you have to figure out how to keep your dog from digging when you’re not there! This might sound a bit weird, but you simply need to become the ‘pack leader’ and they will be more likely to relax when you are not around.
Please share how to stop your dog from digging if you think it might help a friend with their dog’s digging! By the same token, they’ll dig if they’re too cold as well to build a ‘den.’ Then again, maybe they just have a lot of pent up energy and they are looking for a way to express and expend it.

And, while we’re on the topic, if you’re laying down slug pellets be sure to be careful – or not use them at all if you have a dog because they can be toxic and really make your dog sick or can kill them.
If they keep on going back to the lawn to try and dig where the rocks are placed, just put them in a timeout (in the house). First of all, the dog may just be digging to find you, which is why a lot of dogs will dig at the base of a fence or a gate when you leave the home.
We're going to pick up about 30 cans of tomato soup hydrogen peroxide at the grocery store today.
When your dog goes back to try and dig the area, they will becomes stuck and eventually bored of trying to dig up the same area.

In order to start this, dig out a small hole with a spade and bury a few toys and bones in the hole.

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