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There are 3 main things you should focus on training your dog while still in its developmental stages.
Teaching your dog to eliminate outside takes time and patience, but if done correctly and with positive methods it can be accomplished in about a week!
Socialization is one of the most important things you should work with your little canine friend. While you work on the above items I highly recommend you learn about different dog training methods. Dogs need to learn that when living around people there are certain behaviors that are not appropriate. Learning how to train a dog to sit is a good start if you want to achieve success in obedience training.
Another advantage of learning how to train a dog to sit is that this provides you a great alternate behavior to request of your puppy.
Training sessions must be full of praise, positive reinforcement, and consistent repetition.

The reason they need to be taught early in your pet's life is because it will become harder (almost impossible in some cases), if you wait until your dog grows to adulthood. If your puppy likes to greet your visitors by jumping on them or charges out your front door each time it opens, you can control him by commanding him to sit.
Before starting the training, make sure that your puppy is comfortable and confident around you. Five minutes is actually a lot to start with, particularly when you are teaching a young puppy.
This is up to you to reinforce the real meaning of your command by repeating it throughout the life of your dog. Depending on your preferences, you can choose to hire an expert to teach your puppy the sit command and other things included in obedience training. Positive dog training techniques are reliable, fun and they will bring you closer to your furry friend!The one thing you will need is patience. Other things, like training commands and manners can be taught at any age in your pet's life, so focus on the most pressing matters first and then move on.

This will boost the confidence of your dog and give the foundation on which to create more advanced commands and skills.
Let him touch you and provide him his needed attention for you to train him easily without facing any difficulties in the end. However, if you want to add a personal touch on the training, you may train your puppy by yourself. Learning takes time, your puppy is getting to know you and trying desperately to understand you. Understanding how dogs learn and how they communicate will help you and your pup become true best friends.
Once done properly, you will surely enjoy this obedience training and your puppy will also have fun.

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