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If you identify the thing responsible for your dog's fear, and it is possible to do so, remove it.
If your dog usually escapes right after you leave, there is a good chance separation anxiety is to blame. Think about giving your dog an over-the-counter medication, or asking your vet for a prescription, that will reduce anxiety. Install a fence extension.[10] You can try to make your fence taller if your dog seems to be big enough to jump over by himself. If you install a chain link fence, make sure to leave enough height to put some of it underground. Inspect the fence for holes caused by chewing.[13] Sometimes dogs can gnaw his way through a fence or other barrier you have put around them. Conversely, do not reassure your dog when it is exhibiting anxious behavior, as this will reinforce the anxiety. If your dog sees you as the cause behind the unpleasant disciplinary action, he will associate with you alone.
This version of How to Stop Your Dog from Running Out of the Backyard was reviewed by Pippa Elliott, MRCVS on July 1, 2015. But if your dog doesn't know to stay in the yard, playtime can quickly become a frightening ordeal. By showing your dog that your departure and arrival are not something to be excited about, he should learn to relax during these times.

Your dog may simply be bored, he might be wandering in search of something exciting and new to do. Dogs can be quite agile, and if your fence isn't high enough or offers some footholds, he can jump over top of it. When you add the extension, try to slant the new addition inwards at about a forty-five degree angle. Make sure to point any sharp edges outwards, away from the inside of the fence, to prevent injury to your dog. By putting these stones in place, your dog will be unable to dig close to the fence and escape.
This will make an escape by digging difficult, as your dog will have to dig down quite far to break free. Sturdy wood or metal can be good options, but if your dog chews them, it may prevent a health hazard. By keeping your yard engaging for your dog, you make it hard for him to want to leave in the first place.
If your dog is outside for a long time, add food and water to prevent escapes based on a search for these things. If your dog suffers from anxiety when you leave him alone, punishing your dog will not help him relax.
Once your dog is free of the fence, any punishment will become associated with wherever he might find himself at that moment.

Spray your dog from a distance using super-soaker type water pistol so your dog won't see you coming.
By taking your dog for walks in other places, he gets time outside the yard and the world at large which can reduce the urge to explore on his own. Keeping your dog safely in the yard and out of harm's way is a priority for many dog-owners and a concern for your neighbors.
Separation anxiety is caused when you leave your dog's presence and his attachment to you causes them anxiety.
By keeping your yard interesting and engaging, you will make escape less appealing to your dog. It may be a chair or some potted plants, with just enough height to help your dog make the jump.
She enjoys starting articles about real problems she has in life, as well as ones about quirky topics like How to Use Life Hacks. Unfortunately for the owner of the male dog, they are able to detect the pheromones (chemical messengers) over a distance of mile.
Female dogs come into heat twice a year, and if you own a female dog, your main concern is other dogs getting in, rather than her out!

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