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Cushions and soft furnishings can be a target of unwanted chewing behavior for your dog and especially for puppies.
Otherwise, if it is home alone and bored, it just might start thinking that your furniture looks pretty darn good to gnaw on!
Exercising your dog or puppy is a great way to prevent a lot of behavior problems since it gets rid of some of that excess energy. Products that make it unpleasant to chew on- there are many products out there that are made especially for this problem that are safe to use for your dog and your furniture. When you are home and you see your dog starting to nibble on the furniture, let it know it is doing something wrong. This entry was posted in Chewing and Biting, Puppy Training and Tips and tagged how to keep your dog from chewing furniture, how to prevent your dog from chewing furniture, how to stop a dog chewing, how to stop a dog from chewing on furniture, how to stop a dog from chewing your couch, stop dog from chewing furniture.

The soft plaster around doors can become scratched and the soft edges of wooden furniture can get chewed. Its best to stop this at the first signs of damage before it becomes a habit as its surprising how far it can go.
Think of ways to hide electrical wires by trailing them out of reach or hiding them behind furniture. Until your dog is completely trustworthy not to chew on things it shouldn’t, a crate is the best way to keep your furniture safe!
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Make sure you get in a habit of always leaving medication out of reach and find a safe place to store it permanently where it can be locked away. It may take awhile, but your dog will eventually learn that you do NOT want it chewing on the furniture.

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