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Many people find their dogs getting further and further away from them on walks as they leave the puppy stage behind. The whole walk is often a circle, but such a large one that the dog owner is effectively walking in a straight line throughout.
The dog trots along happily 20 or 30 yards ahead of the owner, stops to say hello briefly to other dogs and quickly catches the owner up again. However, true absconding is rare and the vast majority of dogs do care where their owner is. Arm yourself with something your dog likes to eat – bits of cheese, bread or a good quality kibble are fine.
Take your dog into your usual dog walking area – a wide-open space outdoors where he is safe. Now as the dog approaches you from behind, turn to face him and call him right into you as he approaches.
There are a number of activities that you can get involved in with your Labrador, and one of the most rewarding is gundog training. Make sure to get the basics well established, before you add complications like strange places and other dogs.
For more tips in keeping your Labrador close and getting him to come when called check out the Training section of our website.
If you’d like all of our best Labrador information together in one place, then get your copy of The Labrador Handbook today. I will try this method although i suppose it means separate walks from the other dogs which involves a lot of time.
Thank you for tue helpful article, as well as all of the replies.tha We had an amazing lab who passed away last month.

I stumbled across this post a few days ago while I was tearing my hair out wondering what I could do to get my 4 month old golden retriever to pay at least a bit of attention to me.
The following morning I put your technique into action and 3 days later I’ve noticed an incredible difference. Plan A is being responsible: keep your dog on a leash if you want them close, keep treats on hand when you're on walks, and train them to come when you call them.
In this article, you’ll find out how to train your dog to stay closer and check in more often. The technique will only work if you do not take your dog for any other kind of walk for at least a month. You are not training him to come to you at this point; you are training him to believe that you are unpredictable and that he needs to keep an eye on you.
Better not to call him than to risk reminding him that he used to be the kind of dog that ignored you.
Wait until the dog is simply trotting about doing nothing in particular, and very close by to re-introduce your recall as a command. Although non of the above would work with my lab if she smells food she switches off and doesn’t hear anything. We have started on your gun dog training series the about turn walk works great but she will not come close enough to me to treat or praise. I came across your site a couple of days ago and have tried this technique out yesterday and today.
But as most dog owners know, our furry friends can be unpredictable, so it's a good trick to have in your back pocket. We let him of the leed from the start so he would get used to always following us which worked really well.

Up until now you have only called him as he comes running to you, now you will begin call him to you at different times.
He’s responding very well considering he has always torn off like a shot out of a gun when the lead is removed. If he is off his leed on a walk and he spots another person or dog before i have had chance to call him back he sprints of and we have absolutley no control over him. I could see her start to think she needed to keep a close eye on me and after 30 minutes or so she decided it would be best to walk right beside me at heel! I didn’t catch him, just walked off in the opposite direction until he caught up with me, thentold him how wonderful he was for looking for me, gave him a small reward and a pat on the head and let him on his merry way . If you do she'll equate the telling off to her return, not to her bolt for freedom and she will be that much less likely to come to you on recall the next time. He is very intelligent and learns tricks etc very quickly – I am the one who trains him. By now it was coming up to dinnertime — so next time told him we were going home for dinner, slipped his lead on and went on our way. I will keep on at it but I think its a brilliant training trick my dogs both love it and the treats and praise at the end!

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