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Your beautiful wooden chairs have been gnawed on so much it looks like a beaver has found its way into your home and your once comfy couch is on its way to becoming stuffing free! It would be soooo much nicer to come home and not have to clean up the mess your mischievous canine friend has caused!
Usually an older dog doesn’t chew on things as much, but most of them do still like to chew on things, so give your dog something to chew on!
Otherwise, if it is home alone and bored, it just might start thinking that your furniture looks pretty darn good to gnaw on!
Exercising your dog or puppy is a great way to prevent a lot of behavior problems since it gets rid of some of that excess energy. Well, I have to say it… if you don’t want your dog chewing on things in your house, THEN PICK IT UP and PUT IT AWAY!

Products that make it unpleasant to chew on- there are many products out there that are made especially for this problem that are safe to use for your dog and your furniture. When you are home and you see your dog starting to nibble on the furniture, let it know it is doing something wrong. This entry was posted in Chewing and Biting, Puppy Training and Tips and tagged how to keep your dog from chewing furniture, how to prevent your dog from chewing furniture, how to stop a dog chewing, how to stop a dog from chewing on furniture, how to stop a dog from chewing your couch, stop dog from chewing furniture. So, if you do NOT trust your dog 100% at home alone, I would recommend getting a properly sized crate. Until your dog is completely trustworthy not to chew on things it shouldn’t, a crate is the best way to keep your furniture safe!
There does come a time when your dog learns between what is right to chew and wrong to chew.

I've either already tried them with my dogs or found they have very good reviews by other dog owners who have already tried the product. It may take awhile, but your dog will eventually learn that you do NOT want it chewing on the furniture. Plus, these crates have a lot of good reviews by people like you who do own and use them for their dogs!

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